“Jeonbuk is a team that always needs to win and win”

It became the driving force to run one step further.”

The firepower of Jeonbuk크크크벳 Hyundai fans who resumed cheering shook Sangambeol.

Jeonbuk drew 1-1 against FC Seoul in the 11th round of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 5th. Coach Kim Sang-sik resigned the previous day (4th), and coach Kim Doo-hyun took over as acting manager.

Gustavo scored a goal in 11 seconds in the first half, and Jeonbuk fans who had not cheered by shouting “Kim Sang-shik get out” every time raised their voices.

He said, “The weather and the preparation of the players were difficult, but they showed their mental strength.

It was a bloody battle in the rain, so it was a game that consumed a lot of stamina. Acting Kim also said, “I was worried, but I was determined to do it.

Regarding the support of the fans, “The players must have missed the cheers. It became the driving force to run one step further. The fans are leaders as well as leaders, but there is a regret that I want them to think of the players and repay them. Many people came and They cheered me on even in difficult situations, so I think I jumped one step further.”

Acting Kim, who is said to lead until the appointed time because he is acting, said, “I will demand Jeonbuk’s style as much as possible until a new coach comes. It was difficult to look at the player base, but I ordered them to defend aggressively. Jeonbuk must always win and win. The quality and ability I have to show it. I have to help from behind to give my all on the pitch. I had to give 3 points, but I think I gave you expectations and hopes. I hope the next game will be promised.”

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