Joo Min-gyu, the first player of the month, “Thanks to Ulsan colleagues and fans”

Joo Min-gyu, who has established himself as the most feared sword in the K-League, was selected as the main character of the K-League 1 February/March ‘Player of the Month’.

Joo Min-gyu was nominated for the ‘Player of the Month’ award by scoring 2 goals and 1 assist in 4 K-League 1 matches held in February and March. In the away game against FC Seoul on the 12th of last month, following the equalizer, he also scored a key goal in the match against Suwon FC and helped Seol Young-woo score.

Above all, Joo Min-gyu is responsible for Ulsan’s frontline and provides many opportunities to his teammates with threatening moves and connections. On February 25, after winning the Hyundai Motor Derby against Jeonbuk Hyundai, Won-sang Eom said, “Mingyu-hyung (Co.) is leading the defense. It allows the attackers around them to use a lot of space,” he said, testifying to Jo Min-gyu’s influence in the attacking situation바카라.

Ju Min-gyu’s play, which wins the ball in the air in the offensive area and the ball in competition, and connects it to his teammates around him, is seeing the light day by day. This is also proved numerically. In the match against Seoul in the 3rd round and Suwon FC in the 4th round, where he scored, Joo Min-gyu’s short pass (within 5m) success rate exceeded 90%. The short pass success rate in the 4th round was close to 94.4% (17 out of 18 successes). In addition, the index of the player who received the most passes from Ulsan’s goalkeeper Jo Hyun-woo within the team (excluding defenders) points to Joo Min-gyu. Ju Min-gyu not only finishes his attack, but also plays the role of starting point perfectly.

Joo Min-gyu also showed his desire to win the ‘Player of the Month’ award in April by operating the scorer in the first game of April against Jeju United and scoring in three consecutive matches. Joo Min-gyu (295 games), who has an all-time scoring pace and is about to play in 300 games, is determined to show even more fierceness in the remaining three games in April.

Joo Min-gyu said, “This is not an award I made alone. He was able to score after receiving a pass from his teammates. And because there are teammates who accept my passes, my efforts are visible. Above all, I heard that the participation of fans in this vote was considerable. It is an award that I can receive because I have colleagues like family, coaching staff and fans.”

In addition, Joo Min-gyu said, “The resolution at the time of joining, ‘the ultimate goal of glory and records as a team’ will never change. I will help his teammates and run to achieve the best results in all competitions in which Ulsan participates.”

Meanwhile, Joo Min-gyu’s ‘Player of the Month’ award ceremony for February and March will be held before the home game against Suwon Samsung at Munsu Soccer Stadium on April 8 at 14:00.

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