Kim Min-jae, New Year’s Day Ssireum Baekdu Jangsa… Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Troupe won 3 weight class

Kim Min-jae (Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team) reached the top of the Baekdu class (under 140kg) at the ‘Withers Pharmaceuticals 2023 New Year’s Day Business Ssireum Competition’.

Kim Min-jae defeated Oh Jung-min (Mungyeong Sae-jae Ssireum Team) 3-0 in the Baekdu Jangsa match (3 wins in 5 matches) held at Yeongam Gymnasium in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 24th.

Kim Min-jae, who won the title of ‘University Student World Champion’ in 37 years after Lee Man-gi, while attending the Dano Championship last year while attending Ulsan University, continued a sensation in the first tournament of this year by joining the Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team. 헤라카지노도메인

After defeating Kim Jin (Jeungpyeong-gun Office) 2-1 in the quarterfinals, he did not give up a point to his opponent from the quarterfinals when he met Jang Seongbok (Mungyeongsaejae Ssireum Team).

In the finals, he knocked out Jung-Min Oh with the first snatch, followed by a successful shove with Deulbaejigi to secure the championship.

The Yeongam-gun Folk Ssireum Team, led by coach Kim Ki-tae and coach Yoon Jeong-soo, produced masters in three of the four men’s weight classes, including Geumgang class (under 90kg) Choi Jeong-man, Halla class (under 105kg) Cha Min-soo, and Baekdu class Kim Min-jae.

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