Kim Seon-hyeong, who started self-PR, “I’m very good at tuning again”

SK, which has recently been on a winning streak with satisfactory performances and results. Choi Jun-yong, who came into the interview room after winning the last two games, showed unstoppable confidence, saying that he was himself without hesitation about SK’s rising trend and the changed rebound factor. This time, it was Kim Seon-hyung’s turn.

The Seoul SK Knights won 78-70 in the 4th round of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league against Jeonju KCC Egis held at Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium on the 6th. SK became the sole third place with 17 wins and 12 losses.

Kim Seon-hyung, who started the game that day, led the team to victory with 16 points and 11 assists, running for 37 minutes and 42 seconds.

Kim Seon-hyung said, “KCC is a really strong team at home. The coach also said that it would be a close match unlike the previous two matches, but I was taken aback by the fact that KCC had a good structure and good performance. It’s good,” he said of his victory.

SK, who lost the lead in the early game, continued to chase, and eventually kept the victory after overturning the last game in the 3rd quarter.

Kim Seon-hyeong said, “In the first half, we were passive in blocking the play the opponent wanted to play, and we stopped it a bit as the attack didn’t go as well as we wanted. It seems to have been the attack we wanted,” he said.

Regarding the recent rise of the team, he said, “The ups and downs have decreased. Previously, there were significant ups and downs in the game. Even if I ran away with 10 points, I quickly forgot them. I think,” he said confidently. 메이저놀이터

The same goes for Gyeonggi-do today. SK, who gave up the lead, steadily caught up. However, KCC took a step forward at every juncture. Didn’t get to the reverse. However, there was no giving up in the pursuit, and the game was overturned at the end of the third quarter.

Kim Seon-hyeong said, “In the second half, our defense was good. We did well, but the opponent did well and overcame the crisis with individual skills. So even if we conceded, there was no damage. Hitting is different at times. I thought that we were still playing well, so psychologically there was no hitting, so I thought I could turn it over to the end.”

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol praised the players, saying, “They are doing well since they have grown up in the new year.”

Kim Seon-hyeong said, “It was at the stage of adjusting as the injured players returned, but it seems to be coming together now. The scattered puzzles are becoming one, but unfortunately it seems to have been well matched from the January 1st game. The number of minor errors in offense and defense has definitely decreased. Our It seems to be leading me to the basketball I want,” he said.

Then he carefully said, “And I’m very good at tuning. In fact, the director didn’t praise me well.

Regarding the part where Choi Jun-yong said in the previous two games that the team’s upswing and victory were all his own, he said, “(Choi) Jun-yong will know who is supporting him from behind.”

He said, “Certainly, Jun-yong or (Choi) Seong-won came in and the members were all equipped, so the match is fun. The better the members are, the more you can see the opponent’s weaknesses. I feel that I am paying a lot of attention to my performance as well as the running of the game, and it seems that my assists are increasing as well,” he said, expressing confidence and satisfaction with the team’s recent performance.