Korean Tour ‘Iron Man’ Lee Jung-hwan “I want to win and become a father”

Korean Tour ‘Iron Man’ Lee Jeong-hwan,안전놀이터 who is in his 3rd year as a reserve player this year, is aiming for the championship.

Lee Jung-hwan said, “After returning to the tour in 2021, every season is getting better.”

Lee Jung-hwan debuted on the Korean Tour in 2010. He got his first win at the 2017 Kaido Golden V1 Open. In 2018, at the Golf Zone DYB Education Tour Championship, he lifted the second trophy in his life.

After that, he enlisted in the military and returned to the Korean tour in 2021 after being discharged in October 2020. Lee Jung-hwan, who participated in 17 competitions in 2021, passed the cut in 11 competitions and ranked 41st in Genesis points. Last year, he participated in 21 competitions and passed the cut in 14 competitions, ranking 36th in Genesis points.

Lee Jeong-hwan said, “The past two years were a period of adaptation. Since I was away on tour, I lost a lot of sense of the game. I had a hard time playing the greens.” I think I did a good job,” he said.

Still, Lee Jeong-hwan said, “Last year’s performance has definitely improved. I am confident enough to compete for the championship this year.” did.

Lee Jung-hwan has the nickname Iron Man. Accurate iron shots are an advantage. He recorded high green hit rates of 78.44% and 72.60% in 2017 and 2018, before enlisting, respectively. He shot 71.09% last season.

Lee Jung-hwan said, “As I played in consecutive tournaments, my stamina decreased as the season progressed. The consistency of my shots collapsed and I felt pressure in playing the game.” I am also working hard on putting training.”

Next, Lee Jeong-hwan said, “I started weight training while serving in the military.”

Lee Jung-hwan married his elementary school classmate in December 2021. Having his family created a sense of responsibility and stability at the same time. Lee Jung-hwan said, “Before he went to the army and before he got married, I was mentally pursued by his grades, but now I’m not.”

At the same time, Lee Jeong-hwan said, “(Kim) Pio and (Lee) Dae-han, who are close friends and are on tour together, are both married and have children. They look happy. They often tell me to quickly become a father.” I really want to win and become a father,” he said.

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