[Lineup] Bae Jun-ho, Lee Young-jun, Kang Seong-jin attack breathing… U20 national team announces starting list for Jordan match

The Korean U20 national team will undergo a drastic change in the starting list and go to the second leg of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U20 Asian Cup.

On the 5th (Korean time) at 7 pm at the JAR Stadium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Korea and Jordan will play the second leg of Group C of the 2023 AFC U20 Asian Cup. South Korea beat Oman 4-0 in the first leg.

About an hour before the start of the game, the Korean starting list was released. Compared to the first game, 7 places have changed. Bae Jun-ho, Lee Young-jun, Kang Seong-jin, Lee Seung-won, Park Hyun-bin, Kim Hee-seung, Park Chang-woo, Hwang In-taek, Choi Seok-hyeon, Lee Jun-jae, and Kim Jun-hong will start. Only Bae Jun-ho, Lee Seung-won, Hwang In-taek, and Kim Jun-hong are the starting pitchers.

Sung Jin-young, Kim Yong-hak, Kang Sang-yoon, Lee Jun-sang, Bae Seo-joon, Cho Young-gwang, Park Joon-young, Kim Kyung-hwan, Kim Ji-soo, Moon Hyun-ho, Moon Seung-min, and Kim Jung-hoon wait on the bench.안전놀이터

The Korean U20 national team, led by coach Kim Eun-joong, will challenge two goals through this tournament. The first goal is to qualify for the U20 World Cup. In this tournament, where 16 countries participate, they must place in the top 4 to qualify for the U20 World Cup, which will be held in May.

Ultimately aiming to win. South Korea is the country that has won the most U20 Asian Cup titles (12 times), but the most recent win was 11 years ago. In the last competition in 2018, there is a bar that recorded runner-up.

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