LVMH Gucci’s ‘Destry’ makes its first domestic debut

DESTREE, the total fashion brand of Gerald Guiot, the third daughter-in-law of Louis Vuitton Moët & Chandon (LVMH) Chairman Arnault, has opened its first exclusive pop-up store in Korea.

DESTREE’s representative product, the 900,000 won ‘Gunter Parsmantree Bag’, was previously known as the ‘Ibujin Bag’ in Korea.

According to the fashion industry on the 1st, the Destry pop-up store opened on the 3rd floor of Hyundai Department Store Trade Center. It is the brand’s first offline store in Korea and will be open for a limited time until July. Hansom, a fashion company affiliated with Hyundai Department Store Group, organized the pop-up store.

Destri is a young designer brand launched in 2016 in Paris토토사이트, France. Notably, the brand was founded by Gerald Guillaume, wife of Tiffany & Co. senior vice president Alexandre Hernot, the third son of LVMH Chairman Arnault. Guiot co-founded Destri with Leticia Lombroso, a former director at Christian Dior.

The Gunter Pastmantry bag by Destry .
Previously focused on handbags and jewelry, the brand introduced its first women’s clothing collection last year, establishing itself as a full-fledged total fashion brand. Its unique designs and colors inspired by various contemporary arts such as crafts and sculpture have caught the eyes of fashionistas.

It is only since last year that Destry has emerged as a promising brand in the global fashion industry. This is thanks to the fact that global celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Gisele Bundchen, Reese Witherspoon, and Carmen Busquets invested in the company last year.

After receiving a large investment, Destry opened its first flagship store in Paris last summer. This year, the company plans to open stores in Asia, including China and Japan, as well as Korea.

In Korea, Hotel Shilla President Lee Bu-jin first gained notoriety for the handbag she carried to the wedding of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) professor Jung Jun-sun, the eldest son of HDC Group Chairman Chung Mong-kyu, in February. At the time, the handbag was priced at 900,000 won, a relatively low price for a handbag from the president of the company.

Hansom, which secured the opening of Destry’s first pop-up store, has already sold Destry’s main products at H Fashion Mall, an official overseas fashion online store, and Foam Studio, a luxury women’s editorial shop inside Hyundai Department Store. In addition to Destry’s flagship handbags, Hansom will exclusively showcase womenswear products such as shirts, jackets, and pants, as well as various accessories such as hats and jewelry.

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