‘Made in Korea’ disappeared due to the Hanryung

The Korean Wave craze in China was really great, but it has become a thing of the past.

It is difficult to find Korean products in China these days due to the ongoing Han-Korean law.

Traveling the world, this is Gong Tae-hyeon correspondent in Beijing.

During the 618 Shopping Festival, the largest shopping festival in China in the first half of the year, I went out to the shopping street in central Beijing.

Let’s check out how many Korean products there are in this place where department stores and shopping malls are concentrated.

Familiar foreign cosmetic brands are lined up, but no Korean products are visible.

[Shopping Mall Information Desk]
“(Do you have Korean cosmetics?) None. (Any other Korean products?) I don’t think there are any.”

[General cosmetics store clerk]
“There are no Korean brands, but there are many Japanese brands.”

I found a Korean clothing store, but there are no customers.

[Korean clothing store clerk]
“(There are not many customers).”

Korean cosmetics stores located in large department stores confess that sales are not going well.

[Korean Cosmetics Clerk]
“Usually, we invite customers over the phone안전놀이터, but very few customers come directly to the store.”

The cosmetics store that the reporter visited last year was also closed.

Amorepacific operated more than 600 stores in China four years ago, but reduced the number to 67 last year, and will withdraw all stores in the first half of this year. 

On one side of the wall of the building, there are traces of what used to be a Korean cosmetics store.

It is now converted into a Chinese beauty salon.

This is because the influence of the Korean Wave has decreased and opportunities to experience Korean dramas have decreased as the Korean-Korean law continues due to the THAAD incident and the border is closed due to the zero corona policy.

[Beijing citizen]
“I don’t use (Korean cosmetics). I’ve never encountered it, so I don’t know what its advantages are.”

On top of that, as a patriotic craze blew among young Chinese, a consumer consciousness was established that they would not bother using Korean products if the price was similar.

[Beijing citizen]
“It’s because the domestic products are very good and some of them have relatively good technology.

Last month, singer Jung Yong-hwa’s appearance on a Chinese entertainment program was suddenly canceled, and K-Beauty is hard to find a breakthrough amid the Hallyu laws.

This is Gong Tae-hyeon from Beijing for Channel A News.

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