Man finds $30 million diamond bracelet: “I thought it was a toy”

After receiving a report that a 30 million won diamond bracelet was lost on the street, police found the person who picked it up after analyzing closed-circuit (CC) TV footage안전놀이터

On the 18th, the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul received a report of a missing 30 million won diamond bracelet, and while searching for the bracelet’s whereabouts, the police found a man picking up something on the street where the complainant, Ms. A, had passed, and assumed that he must have picked up Ms. A’s lost bracelet.

When the police reviewed the CCTV footage, they didn’t see Ms. A drop the bracelet, but instead noted the “person bending down”. If the bracelet had fallen, someone would have picked it up.

The man who picked it up in the video, Mr. B, drove away in his truck, which was parked nearby. The police identified the truck, checked it out, and found Ms. A’s diamond bracelet in it.

The man was charged with theft by taking possession. This is a charge that applies when a person takes something that has been spilled by another person without reporting it.

Under the Lost and Found Act, a person who finds something that someone else has left behind is required to turn it in to the police, and if no one claims it for six months, the person can take possession of it. A person who takes a lost item without reporting it can be punished by imprisonment for up to one year or a fine of up to 3 million won under the Criminal Code for theft of occupied property.

The man reportedly told police, “I kept the bracelet because I thought it was a toy.”

Many social media users criticized the incident, saying, “If he found it, he should have taken it straight to the police station,” while others commented, “These days, if you find something lost, you should just leave it where it is.”

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