Manchester United is a mediocre team without Casemiro… win rate speaks

Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Man United) coach Eric Ten Hag was full of confidence even without the nucleus Casemiro in the midfield, but the reality was harsh. 카지노

Manchester United lost 2-3 in the 2022/2023 English Premier League (EPL) round 21 expedition against Arsenal on the morning of the 23rd (Korean time). Until now, they had been on an undefeated streak of 10 consecutive matches (9 wins, 1 draw), and even surpassed the championship, but they were satisfied with staying in 4th place.

Against Arsenal, Casemiro’s gap was large. Concerns were great because he played an important role in the stable defense as well as the connection between the air and defense in the midfield. He received a yellow card against Crystal Palace and was suspended against Arsenal as he accumulated yellow cards.

In the end, Casemiro’s void was great. His skillful game management and lack of dominance in the midfield gave him the excuse of a come-from-behind defeat.

This is also evident in probability. His win rate is 69% when Casemiro is playing, but drops to 25% when he is absent.

Coach Ten Haag expressed his confidence, saying, “I have beaten Arsenal without Casemiro,” but this game made me more concerned. This is Manchester United, who needs to know how to win without Casemiro.

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