‘Maximum fish’ Oh Se-geun and Choi Jun-yong’s future?

Professional basketball, which finished the season with the championship match, enters the ‘Air Conditioning League’ without a moment to breathe. The signal flare is the opening of the free agent (FA) market. This year, each team is expected to shake up the composition of the next season as the league’s top players pour in.

On the 8th, the Professional Basketball League (KBL) announced 47 FA targets in 2023. The clubs with the most targets are Seoul SK, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, and Seoul Samsung. Six of each were included in the roster. Jeonju KCC, which played the role of a ‘big hand’ by embracing Heo Woong and Lee Seung-hyun last year, has the fewest recipients this year with three.

There are 8 people whose pay is in the top 30 in the league토토사이트. The first thing that catches my eye is Oh Se-geun, the “Lion King,” who led Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation to win. The 36-year-old age and frequent injuries are obstacles, but he is still the best native big man in terms of raw skills. However, there is a high possibility that KGC, which sent away ‘Captain’ Yang Hee-jong, will not hand over the veteran Oh Se-geun.

The destination of Choi Jun-yong, who shines as the MVP of the 2021-2022 season, is also a hot potato. Having only played in SK since his professional debut, he missed the regular season and the playoffs this year due to an injury. In the eventual runner-up, SK, Choi Jun-yong, who is an all-rounder, had a big gap.

Dae-seong Lee of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, who ranked first in scoring by domestic players this season, and Seong-gon Moon of KGC, the best defender in the league, are also eligible. Although there are some ups and downs recently, Suwon KT Yang Hong-seok is also a big fish. There are several quasi-class resources whose contribution to the team is comparable to these. Due to the nature of the market, which is a ‘forward harvest’, it is highly likely that key guards will receive a relatively good evaluation.

The target players negotiate freely with 10 clubs until the 22nd, and each club submits a letter of intent for those who did not sign a contract within that time. Players who do not receive even this have to renegotiate with the original club.

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