MF → Wing Forward → Wing Back, Incheon ‘One Club Man’ Kim Do-hyeok’s Transformation

 Kim Do-hyeok (31) is a self-proclaimed Incheon United ‘Chin fan’.

He made his K-League debut in 2014 in Incheon’s uniform. Except for his military days, he has been playing for Incheon all along. My love for Incheon is very deep. The spirit of sacrifice for his team is also very strong. He is willing to change his position depending on the team situation. He is a central midfielder but has also played as a winger. He eventually turned into a wingback this year.

After the match against Jeju United on the 12th, Kim Do-hyeok said, “I try because I’m not in my original position. I’m still anxious. I feel uncomfortable when I play먹튀검증. Maybe it’s because of me. I don’t have enough faith in myself. “he said.

Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan, who played an active role as a defender, said, “Kim Do-hyeok is doing well in offense. During the game, he lacks in selecting a defensive position. During the game, I think he will be able to perform his role well in the team.” .

Kim Do-hyeok laughed, saying, “I want to see the coach play once. It means I want to receive a ‘one-point lesson’.” He added, “I’m putting more importance on communication than ever this season. I’m asking a lot of questions from the coaches. If you give me feedback, I’ll try to make up for it.”

He is doing his best to get used to the unfamiliar place. ask and ask again He asks his colleagues as well as his past self. Kim Do-hyeok said, “I have Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo, as well as Delbridge and Zerso around me. They give each other feedback. Last year, I played as a side striker. At that time, there was something I wanted from a wingback. I am trying to do what I wanted at that time. Zerso is in front of me. My role is to help him do well.”

Incheon will face Gwangju FC on the 18th. Kim Do-hyeok said, “Sometimes I want to see the midfielder that I did in the past. But first, I have to do well with my current one.”

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