‘Miracle Man’ Kim Young-kwon “(Ho) Naldu hyung, thank you”

Kim Young-kwon, known as the ‘Miracle Man’ for his dramatic goal at the World Cup in Qatar, thanked Ronaldo for helping the goal.
He also revealed his opinion on the successor to Bento, what would he have said?
Reporter Kook Young-ho met at MBN Sportsya.

In the third game against Portugal, Kim Young-gwon, who scored an equalizer after being hit by Ronaldo’s back, laid the foundation for a come-from-behind victory and was called the ‘miracle man’.

He wrote ‘The Miracle of Kazan’ four years ago in Russia, and this time he wrote ‘The Miracle of Doha’.

▶ Interview: Kim Young-kwon / Soccer Team Defender
– “In a way, it’s an honor for me. Getting an assist from Ronaldo and scoring a goal is something I’ll never do again in my soccer life.”

I am grateful to Ronaldo for giving me unforgettable memories for the rest of my life.

▶ Interview: Kim Young-kwon / National Soccer Team Defender
– “(Ho) Naldu hyung, it was unintentional, but I want to say thank you for being an assist and I will continue to cheer for you. Fighting!”

Veteran Kim Young-kwon, who participated in three World Cup finals and 100 A matches, showed a cautious reaction to the domestic and foreign coaches as Bento’s successor, because it is a very sensitive issue.

▶ Interview: Kim Yeong-kwon / Defender of the soccer team
– “I think the biggest advantage of domestic coaches is that they can communicate. Foreign coaches seem to start with a zero base. The fact that all players start fairly and without prejudice. I think it’s a good thing for the national team players.

Kim Min-jae, who was in charge of central defense with Kim Young-kwon, emphasized that the next manager’s term should guarantee four years until the next World Cup like Bento did while leaving the country. 메이저놀이터

▶ Interview: Kim Min-jae / National soccer team defender
– “Because I have to spend a lot of time and play to be able to wear the soccer the coach wants for a long time.”

At the same time, Kim Min-jae hoped that many domestic players would advance to Europe to strengthen the competitiveness of the national team, citing the Japanese national team, of which 19 out of 26 players in the World Cup roster were European.

▶ Interview: Kim Min-jae / Defender of the national soccer team
– “I hope Korean players (domestic clubs) send a call well if a call comes from a European team. To be honest, I envy Japan a lot. There are many European players in Japan. Our competitiveness is ours. We are in a much better position.”

There are voices saying that the precious opinions of the Taegeuk warriors, who have experienced the World Cup more fiercely than anyone else and returned, should be used as a stepping stone for the success of the next World Cup.

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