“Muscle 8 cm torn” Agamez, return point labyrinth… Replacement is resolutely “NO”

“I will believe in Agamez.”

Woori Card encountered a very large bad news. On the 9th, in the KB Insurance match, a thigh injury occurred during the game. As a result of the examination, it was found that 8 cm of the adductor muscle was torn.

Woori Card, which had been on a three-game winning streak, was in danger of putting a brake on its uptrend. On the 14th, we met Hyundai Capital, who are winning 5 consecutive wins, and Agamez’s existence is more necessary than ever, but even a return is unclear.

Woori Card manager Shin Young-cheol said, “It was torn about 8 cm, but it’s hard to say when it will recover. I think I’ll have to watch it for about a week.”

As the road to go was busy, there was a way to recognize an alternative foreign player, but coach Shin said firmly, “There is no replacement. I will trust Agamez and wait. There is no replacement.”

While trying to organize the game with domestic players for the time being, coach Shin brought out Lee Kang-won as an apositive spiker card. Kim Ji-han also showed a good figure as an apositive spiker, but he also kept in mind the timing of his return to Agamez. 메이저놀이터

Director Shin emphasized, “We have to go aggressively. If (Kim) Dong-min becomes an outside heater, the defense will be strengthened. We are going to put Kim Ji-han as an outside heater. .

It is not easy to win as we met a team with 5 consecutive wins in the absence of foreign players. Director Shin said, “Hyundai Capital is better than our team in both attack and reception. However, the ball is round. It is done by people, so I think we should try it with a challenging mind.”

On the other hand, Hyundai Capital will use Lee Hyeon-seung, a rookie, as a starting setter. Lee Hyeon-seung played as a substitute in the last Samsung Firefighting game and played the game stably.

Coach Choi said, “Lee Hyun-seung showed a good performance in the last game. His skills are high. He needs time to adapt to our team.”

On the other hand, Jeon Kwang-in’s business trip is unclear. Coach Choi said, “There was an injury to the shoulder in the last game. After warming up, he will decide to play.”

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