Neymar is gone!…’History’ of the terrible February-March colon – 2

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Neymar is injured. It is February now. Haven’t you had a similar experience?

Interestingly, you can guess by looking at the calendar when the world’s most expensive footballer will be out of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). This week, Neymar scored against LOSC Lille, but suffered an ankle injury and was carried off on a stretcher.안전놀이터

Poor Neymar has no time to rest. But just like a sparrow can’t just miss a mill, you can’t miss an interesting subject. It seems like Neymar gets injured or suspended around this time of year.

#January 2019 – Avenging tackle, then injured again

Strasbourg midfielder Anthony Gonzal after Neymar was out in a French Cup match in January Beth said coldly, “If you’re going to show off your skills like that, be prepared to be a child.” “If he acts that way for fun, we’ll react in our own way. We’re not here to laugh.”

After the confrontation with Manchester United, which was in a transition period under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s management, was confirmed, there was optimism that the absence of Neymar would not be such a big blow, especially since they won 2-0 in the first leg. So Neymar sported a bright crimson blazer and flashy crutches at his birthday party. During his absence, PSG crashed out of the European scene once again.

PSG lost 1-3 at home and United progressed to the next round on away goals. Criticism of Neymar came out again.

#February 2020 – Neymar’s birthday

February 1st. PSG faced Montpellier in the league. Neymar got a yellow card and was very upset about it. For the rest of his game, he moved like a splinter in his foot and made several tackles.

Three days later, Neymar was sidelined. PSG announced that Neymar’s exclusion from the match against Nantes was due to a bruised rib. Neymar’s birthday party was held 48 hours before the game, which manager Thomas Tuchel said was “not the best way to prepare for a game”.

After Neymar received a yellow card against Montpellier, the internet was full of doubts about Neymar’s behaviour. Did you try to leave on purpose? Anyway, the official reason for the absence against Nantes is ‘sickness’.

# February 2021 – A season full of injuries

Neymar returned to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) tournament in 2020 and won a silver medal. The season that followed was one of the most difficult in his career.

Adductor and ankle injuries plagued Neymar throughout the season. He worked hard on rehabilitation throughout December, and his return in the new year was also a waste. In the Coupe de France match against SM Caen in February, he was injured after a rough tackle and was sidelined until mid-March.

# February 2022 – I came back just in time…!

Ankle pain plagued Neymar throughout the 2021-22 season. Eventually, he was left off the roster all winter for the first time since 2014. After recovering from the injury, he returned to the field in time for the UCL round of 16 schedule.

PSG hurrahed. But the opponent was Real Madrid. They did not give Neymar a warm welcome. Shortly after the tie, PSG allowed a reverse and were eliminated as it was.

# February 2023 – The Curse Continues

In the first leg of the UCL Round of 16 against Bayern Munich, PSG looked helpless. Afterwards, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe performed tremendously against LOSC Lille and vowed revenge in the second leg at the Allianz Arena.

But the world was wild. Neymar was tackled which sprained his ankle and was carried away on a stretcher in tears. I don’t think this is a conspiracy. Neymar’s February curse continues…

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