North Korean man’s body found hanging from bridge on Ganghwa Island

The body of a North Korean man was found in the Ganghwa Island area of Incheon last week, it was later confirmed. The man was reportedly found with drugs메이저사이트, believed to be crystal meth, tied to his legs. Authorities, including the National Intelligence Service, are reportedly conducting a joint investigation as they believe the man may have drowned while trying to swim back home after crossing the West Sea’s Northern Limit Line (NLL) with the drugs.

According to multiple government sources on Sept. 26, the man’s body was first spotted floating in the sea off Ganghwa Island last week by fishermen who were out fishing. At the time, the body was reportedly wearing shorts and had Styrofoam hanging from his body. Authorities believe that the man may have died while attempting to escape in this manner, given that there have been multiple cases of North Korean defectors swimming away with Styrofoam or plastic water containers attached to their bodies.

When authorities first found the man’s body, they thought he was simply hanging on to Styrofoam, but later investigations reportedly found a suspected methamphetamine dangling from his leg. The estimated amount of crystal meth he was carrying was around 70 grams, which is enough for around 2,300 people to take at the same time. It is not known why the man was in possession of the drugs. The fact that he was found dead will limit the investigation into the exact circumstances of his possession, identity, and origin. Initial investigations suggest that the man is believed to be a civilian and is unlikely to be a North Korean soldier.

Another source said, “As a result of the investigation, it was determined that there are no anti-aircraft suspects,” adding, “Unlike the case of the two North Korean families who defected on the night of the 6th and early morning of the 7th, when they crossed the NLL in the West Sea on a fishing boat, there are various possibilities open to further investigation, such as the possibility that they defected because they longed for South Korea and felt inflamed by North Korean society, and this time they were involved in drug-related crimes.”

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