Opponent left-handed one-two punch, Korea vs Croatia fight for the last place 

Both the Korean and Croatian women’s volleyball teams are desperate for victory. It is a determination to go beyond each other and report the first victory in the 2023 메이저사이트International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Volleyball Nations League (VNL) competition.

The two teams will have a VNL 2nd week match on the 17th at 5:30 am (Korean time) at the Nielsen Nelson Stadium in Brasilia, Brazil. It is a confrontation between Croatia, who has lost 5 matches in a row, and Korea, who is losing 6 matches in a row. Croatia, who had been in 16th place, the bottom of the tournament, won the first set against the United States in the second week and gained an advantage over Korea in the set win rate and succeeded in getting out of last place. Korea lost 0-3 to Brazil and Japan in 4 matches in the 1st week and 0-3 in the 2nd week, and fell into a swamp of 6 consecutive losses. Korea is at the bottom of the competition. Try to build a multiplier.

Croatia has only two left-handed strikers. Both players were born in 2003. The main characters are 183 cm apposite Andrea Mihaljevic and 182 cm outside hitter Dyana Kanatovic.

Mihaljevic is the top scorer for his team. He scored 62 points in 5 games. He also recorded 5 blocks and 3 serves. The attack efficiency was 31.4%.

Canatovic also played 5 games and scored 37 points. His offensive efficiency was 34.83%, which was higher than that of Michaljechi. While Mikhaljević’s attack was high, Kanatovic also started scoring and tried to disperse the attack. Kanatovic’s most points in a game in this year’s VNL was 14 against the United States.

Right-handed strikers are common, but left-handed strikers are rare. There are only two left-handed strikers in a team. As Korea, it is necessary to prepare for various angles of left-handed attacks and attack courses.

The presence of captain and middle blocker Martina Samadan is also great. It is also the second highest scorer in the team after Mihaljevic. He scored 39 points in 5 games. His attack attempts were not numerous, but he showed an impactful attack.

Croatia’s 178cm outside hitter Laura Milos, born in 1994, fought hard in the match against the United States, along with Mihaljević and Kanatovic. Despite his small stature, Milos made good use of his continuous hitting and scored 15 points, the highest score in the team. However, the defense of the three players is relatively weak.

Now, out of the 16 teams participating in the tournament, the teams without a win are the Netherlands and Croatia (15th) and South Korea (16th) in 14th place. Croatia played a full set match against the United States and won 1 point. Croatia, who won 1 set in 5 matches, although they did not have a point. And Korea, which is still an undefeated set, is staying at the bottom one after another. Only one team can escape the losing streak nightmare.

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