Park Chan-ho, who grabbed the KBS microphone and started running… Expecting ‘Express Commentary’

He closely inspects Kim Ha-seong in the US and is preparing for KBS’ luxury commentary.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji reports.스포츠토토


In the 2006 WBC match between Korea and Japan, in a one-point match in the bottom of the 9th inning, Park Chan-ho is on the mound.

[KBS comment: “Because a player who is ahead in terms of breaking ball, confidence, and experience must come out. Park Chan-ho is the best candidate.”] The

last scene where I caught Ichiro with a fly ball and roared was the pride of Korean baseball itself.

[Park Chan-ho/At the time of the 2006 WBC : “I think my confidence helped me a lot. I threw 7 more fastballs than a breaking ball, and all of them were fastballs.”]

Park Chan-ho appeared in Arizona, USA ahead of the WBC, which will be held again 17 years later.

KBS commentator Park Chan-ho, who is equipped with luxury commentary instead of a heavy fastball, is closely checking Kim Ha-seong at the San Diego club’s spring camp.

[Park Chan-ho: “Are you going to eat right now?”]

[Kim Ha-seong: “No, the physical (physical training) isn’t over yet.”]

[Park Chan-ho: “Prepare well, contact me if you have anything, fighting!”]

Taegeuk mark The core of the advice given to Kim Ha-seong by reviving his own experience of running with a

[Soundbite] Park Chan-ho(KBS Baseball Commentator) : “I hope that the Korean team will achieve good results by being able to convey the experience of learning advanced baseball to the national team and playing the middle and second roles of the team.”] Last

Tokyo It is also unique that the WBC is the stage where I have to comment once again following the Olympics.

[Soundbite] Park Chan-ho/KBS Baseball Commentator : “This event (WBC) is very meaningful to me and also to Korean baseball, so I have a very special mindset to comment on.

” We are going to visit baseball fans with rich experience and passion.

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