Park Hyeon-kyung, who threw a ticket for ‘doing better than runner-up’, tied for 3rd place by 1 stroke, ‘good start’

Park Hyun-kyung (22), who unfortunately failed to win the championship due to bad weather at the opening game of the 2023 season of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, swung a hard hit to soothe his disappointment. 

Park Hyun-kyung hit 6 birdies and 1 bogey on the first day of the ‘PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship with SBS GOLF’ held at Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72) in Binh Duong Province, northern Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on the 16th.

Park Hyun-gyeong, who recorded a total of 5 under par 67 strokes in the first round, will enter the second round in a tie for third place, one stroke behind Ko Ji-woo (20) and Madasom (23, 6 under par 66 strokes). 

Park Hyun-kyung won the runner-up at the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, which ended in Singapore on the 11th. 

At the time, the final round was canceled due to heavy rain accompanied by lightning. Park Hyun-kyung, who was second in her first stroke, could not even catch her chance to turn around and swallowed the regret with her runner-up.

She, Park Hyun-kyung, boarded a plane to Vietnam. At the official press conference held on the 15th, he said, “The goal of this tournament is to do better than last week.”

The only thing better than last week’s runner-up is ‘winning’. This is the part where Park Hyeon-kyung’s determination, which had no ties to winning the championship, stands out, although she wrote a compliant report card by passing the cut at the previous competition this year.

On this day, Park Hyun-kyung was tied in the same group as Lee So-young (25) and Hong Jeong-min (20), who shared the prize money for the runner-up a week ago. 

Park Hyeon-gyeong, who climbed to the lead by adding birdies on the 11th and 14th holes in the second half, hesitated for a while by bogeying the 15th hole, but got a birdie on the last hole 18 and left the course happily.

Lee So-young was named in the third place tie with Park Hyun-kyung, and Hong Jung-min finished the first round with a 2-under-par 70 stroke and a tie for 16th place.  메이저사이트

Lee So-mi (23), who made headlines last season by winning two weeks in a row, recorded a 4-under-par 68 and tied for 5th place with senior Kim Min-byeol (18) in the seed rankings. 

Meanwhile, amateur Kwak Ye-bin (23), who played as a recommended player for this tournament, hit 17 over par 89 and was recorded as the first automatic cutoff player in the 2023 season. 

The KLPGA Tour has a rule (aka 88 stroke rule) that an automatic cut-off is made when recording 16 over par or higher in the number of strokes per 18 holes in each round.