Park Hyeon-seong and Lee Jung-young enter the UFC, ‘Dream Stage’

Park Hyeon-seong and Lee Jung-young succeeded in entering the UFC stage, the ‘dream stage’ as martial arts players.

Park Hyun-sung and Lee Jung-young won the UFC contract by winning flyweight and featherweight victories in the finals of the UFC Fight Night ‘Road to UFC’ tournament held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th (Korean time).

Park Hyeon-seong met Choi Seung-guk in the flyweight final. Whoever won could be the first flyweight fighter to enter the UFC. In the first minute of the first round, the two players exchanged leg kicks and then faced off in earnest in the second round.

After the tense first and second rounds, the joys and sorrows were mixed in the third round. Park Hyeon-seong launched an aggressive attack against Choi Seung-guk, who showed signs of exhaustion from the second half of the second round. In the end, Park Hyeon-seong landed a knee kick on Choi Seung-guk, then grabbed his neck from behind and placed a rear-naked choke. Park Hyeon-seong lay on the canvas and did not let go of his neck all the way, eventually receiving the tap. 스포츠토토

Lee Jung-young played a tight game with Chinese player Lee Li, and won by decision 2-1. Lee Jeong-young, who was somewhat pushed back by Lee in the first round, aggressively attacked with a standing blow in the second round, but Lee Ja also responded with a takedown and a tackle to block it.

Lee Jeong-young landed a punch after the middle of the third round, and then attempted an arm bar in the ground situation, aiming for a great turnaround.

In the end, while the winner was decided by the decision, one judge judged Lee Ja to have an absolute advantage of 30-27, but another judge declared Lee Jung-young’s superiority to 29-28. In the end, the final referee gave Lee Jung-young a 29-28 advantage, leading to a 2-1 decision victory.

In the previous match, Park Jun-yong also faced Dennis Tutuulin (Russia) and won the match by receiving a tap-out with a rear naked choke in 4 minutes and 5 seconds of the first round.

However, Kim Ji-yeon was unable to make it to the Octagon because the match was canceled due to her opponent Mandy Böhm (Germany)’s poor condition.

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