Pittsburgh is more difficult with Choi Ji-man’s injury…’Big money’ $4.65 million just to blow away

The Pittsburgh Pirates recruited Tsutsugo Yoshitomo, who was released in the second half of 2021, and

Tsutsugo was compatible in Pittsburgh. Tsutsugo hit 8 homers in 43 games and recorded a batting average of 0.268.

Then Pittsburgh was happy. He signed a $4 million contract for the 2022 season.

But Pittsburgh was tricked. Tsutsugo only hit 0.171 with two homers in 50 games. overlapped with injuries.

Eventually, in August of that year, Tsutsugo was released. Tsutsugo refused to return to Japan and signed a minor league contract with the Texas Rangers메이저사이트. He is batting .238 with one home run on the Triple-A team. He got 12 walks and had a high on-base percentage of 0.407. It is unknown when he will be called up to the big leagues.

After last season, Pittsburgh acquired Choi Ji-man in a trade. He pinned his hopes on his one shot, even though he knew that he underwent bone fracture surgery last November.

Concerned about his injury, he was also disallowed from participating in the WBC.

However, Choi Ji-man injured his Achilles tendon during spring training.

Pittsburgh, who couldn’t leave him out, used Choi Ji-man as the designated hitter after the season opened without overdoing it.

Choi Ji-man could not swing the bat properly due to the aftereffects of the Achilles tendon injury. Fortunately, he recently hit two homers and regained his sense of hitting, but the Achilles tendon injury healed. Ultimately, he was forced to miss 2 months.

However, there is no guarantee that they will return after 2 months. Even if he returns, there are concerns about whether he will be able to properly swing because the Achilles tendon injury may recur. This is the reason why Pittsburgh could sit down and blow 4.65 million dollars to Choi Ji-man following Tsutsugo.

Choi Ji-man will become a free agent after this season. He was aiming for a ransom jackpot, but injuries are holding back his ankle again.

Pittsburgh Baseball Now regretted on the 22nd (Korean time), “Choi Ji-man is really unlucky.”

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