“Please retire at Samsung”… The love of Samsung fans, the shortstop from the dynasty that went to KT felt strange

“I feel strange.”

KT Wiz infielder Kim Sang-soo (33) was invited to the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO All-Star Game held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 15th. It was the second all-star game appearance, including the second best 11, six times as recommended by the coach.온라인카지노

Kim Sang-soo has continued his career as a player only at Samsung since joining the Samsung 1st nomination in 2009. He was with Samsung’s unified 4-game losing streak. He is taking on a new challenge at KT on the condition that he receive a total of 2.9 billion won over 4 years.

Kim Sang-soo, whom we met at the All-Star Game on the 15th, said, “It feels so good to be participating in the All-Star Game. I want to enjoy the day,” he said. There is no problem with the physical part. He said that the director is very considerate of him.”

In recent years while staying at Samsung, I had to play as a second baseman rather than a shortstop at the main position. However, he has been digesting the shortstop position since coming to KT. Maybe it’s because it’s a position he’s played since he was young, but Kim Sang-soo is the same as the Samsung Dynasty shortstop Kim Sang-soo we knew.

Kim Sang-soo said, “It is a position he has played since he was young. Of course he had a lot of worries but he was able to adjust quickly to get comfortable. He is fortunate that he played defense without any major mistakes. He is satisfied with his attack power, and he is satisfied with all aspects.”

Kim Sang-soo, who attended the fan signing event, was busy with signing autographs from not only KT fans but also Samsung fans. One fan regretted Kim Sang-soo’s transfer to KT, saying, “Please retire at Samsung.” Hearing this, Kim Sang-soo said, “It feels strange.”

Samsung club officials came to Kim Sang-soo to shoot the club’s SNS and received an autograph. An official said, “Ja-wook Koo and Sang-soo Kim are really happy to come to the All-Star Game. When he said, “Is there anything you want to say to Ja-wook Koo?”, Sang-soo Kim said, “Ja-wook, stay at Samsung for a long time. You have to stay,” he said.

There are no big goals this season. Just going to fall baseball with KT. just looking at it Currently, KT is in 7th place with 37 wins, 41 losses and 2 draws. It is only 1.5 games behind 4th place NC Dinos (39-38, 1 draw) and 5th place Lotte Giants (38-39).

Kim Sang-soo said, “In the beginning, the pace of the team was not good. But I’m glad it’s coming up little by little. Samsung played fall baseball in 2021, and I will do my best to play fall baseball at KT.”

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