Powell: There may not be a need for a rate hike next month… I have time to watch.”

Chairman Powell of the Federal Reserve System, which determines the US interest rate, made a statement that weighed on keeping interest rates unchanged next month.

He seems to be considering the possibility of financial instability in the United States, but he also emphasized that the basic goal of holding prices remains unchanged.

Correspondent Jeongmin Lee in Washington.


Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve System, which determines the US interest rate, said that it has not yet been decided whether to raise the US interest rate next month.

Still, he made a series of remarks that put weight on freezing. [Soundbite] Jerome Powell/Chairman, Federal Reserve System : “There may not be a need to raise the benchmark interest rate

as much as previously thought to achieve the target.”

He said there is a possibility of putting a brake on growth, employment and inflation.

This means that interest rates may not need to be raised to control inflation.

Although inflation is still at토토사이트a high level, there is still a lot of uncertainty now, and since interest rates have already been raised a lot, there is room for time to go over the effects of interest rates and the aftermath of financial instability.

[Jerome Powell/Federal Reserve Chairman: “Now that we’ve come this far, we can afford to look at changes in data and projections and carefully evaluate them.”]

The United States has raised the benchmark interest rate 10 times in a row since March last year to control inflation.

Currently, the benchmark interest rate in the US is between 5% and 5.25 %, the highest in 16 years.

After Chairman Powell’s remarks, the number of investors who expected the US to raise interest rates in the middle of next month fell from 33% to 13%, Bloomberg News reported.

However, it is not easy to argue that additional interest rate hikes are still necessary within the Federal Reserve System, and there is also an analysis that more economic indicators should be observed in the future.

Meanwhile, the New York stock market, which had expectations from Chairman Powell’s remarks, fell in the aftermath of news that the US debt ceiling negotiations were creaking again. This is KBS

News Lee Jung-min from Washington . Cinematographer: Oh Beom-seok / Video editing: Sam Myung-hwan / Data research: Lee Se-young Choi Jeong-yoon

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