Professional baseball without windy days… ‘Seizure and search’ ahead of the opening day

Prosecutors seized and searched the Korea Baseball Organization and KBO a day before the opening of professional baseball.
It was a compulsory investigation after catching allegations of corruption in the broadcasting rights of KBO and its subsidiaries.
A promising pitcher who was kicked out for sex crimes against minors, a general manager who was dismissed for asking for back money먹튀검증, and even a KBO seizure and search. Professional baseball these days, can it be like this? This is Reporter Kang Jae-mook.

The prosecution launched a compulsory investigation into the KBO Secretariat and KBO-affiliated subsidiaries.

Circumstances were captured in which an executive from the KBO, Mr. A, received back money for a solicitation related to broadcasting rights.

Prosecutors suspect that Mr. A received hundreds of millions of won in money and goods from Acla, a sports marketing company, between 2013 and 2016.

Judging that the money and goods were handed over as a salary for Mr. A’s wife, they set out to secure evidence.

KBOP, which has been the target of investigation along with KBO, is a subsidiary of KBO that manages the league broadcasting rights business or attracting sponsors.

Starting with the charges of sexual exploitation of minors by Seo Joon-won of Lotte, the controversy over the money backed by the current club manager and the prosecution’s investigation.

In the KBO Clean Base Center, which mainly receives reports, contents related to online illegal gambling by an official from a club in the metropolitan area were reported.

On the eve of the opening of professional baseball, instead of excitement, a miserable mood permeates the baseball world.

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