Release and end of independent league life → 54.8% increase in annual salary… 2023 of ‘Daejeon Lincecom’

After one release and two independent league lives, the result of a 54.8% annual salary increase followed.

The Hanwha Eagles announced on the 26th that they had completed all contracts for the 2023 season team salary. At the end of various issues, such as Kim In-hwan, who competed with Jung Cheol-won for the rookie king, a 100% raise and Ha Joo-seok a 50.2% cut, there was Yoon San-heum of ‘Daejeon Lincecom’, who quietly recorded a 54.8% annual salary increase.메이저놀이터

Yoon San-heum, born in 1999, is now only in his mid-20s, but his baseball life has been full of twists and turns. Yoon San-heum, who was an infielder at Gwangju Jinheung High School, transferred to Youngseon High School to become a pitcher. However, he did not receive a professional nomination after graduation, and just like that, he headed to the independent baseball team Paju Challengers. Afterwards, he became a foster player for Doosan Bears, but was released, and again, from the independent baseball team Score Bon Hyenas to Hanwha, he could not stay in one place for a long time.

Unlike top players who take an elite course, Yoon San-heum’s baseball has nothing to explain other than survival. He rushed to survive like that and eventually exploded his potential in the 2022 season.

Yoon San-heum played 37 games in the 2022 season, recording an average ERA of 2.67 with 1 win, 1 loss and 3 holds in 33.2 innings. Although he did not receive many opportunities to play, he began to establish himself in the second half and made a name for himself by posting an earned run average of 1.69 in July. After a short pause in August, he kept the mound as Hanwha’s key bullpen pitcher from September until the end of the season.

Despite his young age, Yoon San-heum’s strength is that he does not collapse even in a big crisis. With a dynamic pitching motion resembling Tim Lincecum and a knuckle curveball recognized by manager Carlos Subero, he stepped up to the mound and rescued the Hanwha several times when they were in crisis.

Head coach Subero said to Yoon San-heum, “It’s fun to see a young pitcher come out and overcome each crisis. In the long run, Yoon San-heum has the power to become a finishing pitcher.”

Hanwha also showed Yoon San-heum’s performance in the 2022 season and expectations for the 2023 season, which will show a better figure, with the salary increase rate. Looking at the amount alone, the increase of about 17 million won from 31 million won to 48 million won is not noticeable when compared to players with annual salaries of 100 million won, but the increase rate of 54.8% is significant. If you show performance that exceeds expectations in the 2023 season, explain that you have risen to the point where you can receive a salary of billions this time.

That’s why Sanheum Yoon’s 2023 season is very important. After numerous opportunities and crises, he has now become the player the team expects. If he shows better than before in the 2023 season, he can become an indispensable player from an expected player. Little by little, they are showing that even though they have taken a different path from others, they can succeed in the end.

Hanwha’s 2023 season focuses on Moon Dong-ju, who will show a more terrifying performance, and Kim Seo-hyun, a special rookie. Here, Yoon San-heum’s baseball, which has walked a different path from them, will also be a point of observation.

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