Scary LG… In Icheon, a replacement for third baseman Moon Bo-gyeong is already being prepared.

Moon Bo-kyung (23, LG Twins) is doinggreat this season. He is flawless in karate. He has fully established himself as the main axis of LG. Since Noh Si-hwan is doing a great job, there is nothing strange if he is mentioned as a representative of the Asian Games right now. He currently has 18 runs batted in for a .302 batting average. In the last match against Samsung on the 13th, he also drove in 4 hits. LG’s concerns about the hot corner have long since ended메이저사이트.

However, the LG Twins are not content with this. It’s still too early to be relieved. This is because Moon Bo-kyung’s military problems remain. LG is already considering a replacement for Moon Bo-kyung in the second group. This was in preparation for Moon Bo-kyung’s absence due to military issues if he was not selected for the Asian Games. Even if that is not the case, director Lee Chun-Hwang’s theory is that you should always have a plan B in place.

Currently, the player who is evaluated as the best infield resource in the Futures is Lee Young-bin (Photo = Yonhap News)

Right now LG’s third base and shortstop Plan A is, of course, Lee Young-bin (21, LG Twins). It is evaluated as the best player among the fielders currently in the second team.

Lee Young-bin stood tall as the future of LG with his big success, such as hitting two home runs in the last Futures League match against Hanwha in Sangmu. He is a right-handed and left-handed player, and his defense and shoulders are supported, so if Moon Bo-kyung goes to the army, Lee Young-bin can fill the position. However, assuming Oh Ji-hwan is missing at the moment, LG does not have enough shortstop resources. Since it is unknown when Oh Ji-hwan will reach the aging curve, the LG 2nd Division Power Analysis Team’s judgment is that it is better for Lee Young-bin to go to shortstop if possible.

Kim Seong-jin’s batting average improved this season. He is also hitting 3 home runs at 0.308 (Photo = Jeon Sang-il)

In preparation for this time, another ambitious resource is being prepared without anyone knowing. It is Kim Seong-jin (23, LG Twins). Kim Seong-jin was originally a catcher. Even during his time at Yatap High School, he had excellent batting ability, but he was criticized for his poor defensive ability as a catcher. However, he recently took off his mask in the Futures League and turned to first baseman. Director Hwang was regretful, but his will was strong.

In particular, it was even more so because there was Kim Seong-woo, Lee Joo-heon, Kim Beom-seok, and Heo Do-hwan. However, his defensive ability as a first baseman was evaluated as better than expected. His hitting is recognized as a possibility as he hit as many as three home runs at 0.308 for the Futures. Although, Kim Beom-seok’s multi-home run is somewhat buried, Kim Seong-jin also hit a home run that day.

Kim Seong-jin practicing the rest of the third base defense after the game (Photo = Jeon Sang-il)

Futures manager Hwang Byeong-il said, “Kim Seong-jin was watching first baseman, but he wasn’t afraid of the ball. Seeing him block the ball with his body, he asked to play third baseman.” From that day on, Kim Seong-jin’s third base practice began. In Icheon LG Futures, all training does not end when the game is over. Kim Seong-jin is at third base, and Kang Min-kyun is at shortstop and continues to receive punches. the rest of the training Since Kim Seong-jin is basically a player with good hitting, he is evaluated as a player who can become a regular player and go up to the first team as long as he defends.

An official from LG Group 2 evaluated him as “a player whose batting ability is expected along with Kim Bum-seok (19, LG Twins).”

Of course, this position conversion may end in failure. However, basically, just thinking about the back of a player who is running at the peak is a part that shows how much LG is looking into the future.

The real preparations are being made secretly, but boldly, behind the scenes. This is why the LG Twins are in the championship this season as well, but the foundation for continuing to run as a strong team in the future is in place.

The foundation begins at Champions Park in Icheon.

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