“Seo Se-won injected 2 bottles of propofol” Nurse’s testimony… the truth

When comedian Seo Se-won died last month, a nurse at a Cambodian hospital who gave him an IV directly testified that he injected two bottles of propofol스포츠토토. According to MBC’s

‘True Story Expedition’ on the 18th, the nurse mentioned propofol. He said, “Seo brought it (propofol) to me. It had already been opened,” he said. “Seo Se-won’s driver said that Seo Se-won gets two bottles of propofol twice a week, and told me to administer them at once.” It is said that propofol can be obtained from local pharmacies without any restrictions. The price of one bottle is about 15,000 won. In response to the nurse’s explanation that two 50ml propofol injections were given, Kim Deok-gyeong, professor of anesthesia and pain medicine at Sungkyunkwan University, said, “If Seo is in good health, even 8 to 10ml is enough to cause respiratory depression and cardiac arrest.” can,” he stressed.

MBC ‘Real Story Expedition’ broadcast screen capture

Usually, the amount of propofol used for endoscopy in adult males is 3 to 5 ml. Propofol 100ml is the dose used for major surgeries lasting more than 5 hours and should be administered over a long period of time.

It is known that the deceased Seo did not have a vehicle. The person who gave the order was the driver of Mr. Seo’s partner, Mr. Kim.

The informant who saw Mr. Kim’s suspicious behavior said, “There was a syringe with a white liquid. Mr. Kim squeezed out the remaining propofol in the syringe and threw it away, saying ‘we need to get rid of the evidence’.”

The media found Mr. Kim, who worked with Mr. Seo. Mr. Kim stubbornly denied the theory that his deceased had used propofol. It is known that the hospital where the deceased died was not operated for several years after opening in 2019, but was taken over with Mr. Seo at the suggestion of Mr. Kim in the second half of last year and was preparing to operate again.

Previously, on the 20th of last month, Seo died suddenly while receiving fluid at a hospital in Cambodia. The cause of death, according to local police, was cardiac arrest due to diabetes. At the time of the deceased’s death, it was speculated that it was propofol, a sleeping anesthetic called ‘milk injection’, about the white sap found at the scene.

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