Seongnam Middle School, who met a new command tower, “I will focus on the preliminary round”

“I will focus on the preliminaries”스포츠토토

KBL and WKBL are in the middle of their season, but amateur players, who are the roots of KBL and WKBL, are quenching themselves for a new season.

Seongnam Middle School achieved the results of the 8th round of the 2022 Autumn Competition. With coach Koo Byeong-doo, who took over in October 2022, he is sweating hard to achieve good results in 2023. Coach Koo Byung-doo praised him, saying, “I have been assigned to Seongnam Middle School since October 2022. Seongnam Middle School players have decent skills and work very hard. They have a good heart and are sincere.”

“Team Color focused on transition and team defense. For offense, we prepared mainly for scoring goals using quick transitions. For defense, we teach organized team defense, double team, and trap defense. However, there are not many resources available. No. It was organized with 4 3rd graders, 1 2nd grader, and 4 1st graders. So, I am focusing on physical training. added.

Seongnam Middle School participated in the Sangju Stove League and the Jeju Island Stove League. We are preparing for 2023 with steady game experience.

“Following the Sangju Stove League, I also participated in the Jeju Island Stove League. During winter training, I emphasized the physical aspect first. It is also important to strengthen organizational skills. The players overcame the hard training and were not injured.”

Park Gyeong-min and Lee Jae-seong are considered the main players of Seongnam Middle School. Coach Koo Byeong-doo said, “(Park) Kyung-min is strong at 3-point shooting. Drive-in is also fast. Shot release is fast, and his accuracy is quite high at the middle school level. (Lee) Jae-seong is a point guard. He leads Seongnam Middle School well. He has the ability to score and has good assists.”

Lastly, “All teams aim to win, right? However, you have to do well in the preliminaries to make it to the finals. Seongnam Middle School will focus on starting with the preliminaries. After passing the preliminaries, I will look forward to a higher position. , I hope you learn well in middle school. I will help you grow into a good player with character in the future.”

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