‘Soccer head’ Britain also fell in love with Ohtani…”The greatest talent in sports history

 Babe Ruth, the ‘god of baseball’, was forcibly summoned again. Shohei Ohtani (29) of the Los Angeles Angels keeps calling out. Even Britain, where baseball isn’t hugely popular, is dealing with Ohtani.

The British Daily Express said on the 5th (Korean time), “Angels two-way star Shohei Ohtani wrote history in the game against St. Louis. He stood shoulder to shoulder with Babe Ruth.”

On the 4th, Ohtani started as a starting pitcher and third hitter against St. Louis in the 2023 major league regular season held at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

As a pitcher, he gave up 5 hits (2 homers), 1 walk, 13 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5 innings. As a hitter, he went 3-for-5 with 1 RBI and 1 run. Although not the winning pitcher, the Angels won 6-4.

‘Pitcher Ohtani’ was spotlighted. He struck out 13 of 15 out counts. And he reached the 500 strikeout mark in his career. He had already hit 134 home runs in his career. He became the first

Local media outlets in the US were busy reporting the news of Ohtani. Almost all media outlets mentioned Ohtani’s record-breaking achievement. In unison, they said, “Ohtani is the second player after Ruth to hit 100 home runs and strike out 500.”

Ruth hit 714 home runs and struck out 501 in his career. However, he also recorded 488 strikeouts. MLB.com wrote, “If you add up the official game record, it is 501.”

It’s not just the US that’s in trouble. Ohtani has already become a world-class star by winning the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC). The news of Ohtani was also reported in England. In the UK, the popularity of football is beyond imagination, as it is the ‘soccer head’.

Baseball is relatively unpopular. Still, Ohtani is paying attention. The Express said, “Ohtani has joined the ranks of legends. Ohtani, who led the 2023 WBC championship, is considered one of the greatest talents in sports history.”

Ohtani, who entered 온라인카지노the big league in 2018 after conquering Japanese professional baseball, gained sensational popularity with ‘double sword’. He took a break from pitching for a while as he underwent elbow surgery, but after his return, he still doubles as a pitcher.

even good In 2021, as a pitcher, he recorded 23 games, 130.1 innings, 9 wins, 2 losses, 156 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 3.18. He was named the American League MVP. He was selected as an All-Star and also had the Silver Slugger.

In the 2022 season, as a pitcher, he pitched 28 games, 166 innings, 15 wins, 9 losses, 219 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 2.33. Although his numbers fell as a hitter, he recorded an ace-class record as a pitcher. This season he placed second in MVP voting.

good this year As a pitcher until the 5th, he is recording 39 innings in 7 games, 4 wins, 59 strikeouts, and an earned run average of 2.54. He is compiling 30 games as a hitter, with a batting average of .308, 7 homers, 19 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.921.

Ohtani is already writing various records and summoning Ruth from time to time. At this rate, winning the MVP and the Cy Young Award at the same time is not a dream. 

player since Ruth to hit 100 home runs and strike out 500.

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