SON’s best friend who is the core of the midfield… Conte “I’m sure it will be world class”

 Tottenham coach Antonio Conte praised Rodrigo Bentancur (25, Tottenham).

Bentancur wore a Tottenham uniform in the winter transfer window last season. Tottenham signed Dejan Klusevski and Bentancur at the same time from Juventus. He invested 25 million euros (approximately 34 billion won) in the recruitment of Bentancur and signed a four-year contract.

Bentancur immediately led the Tottenham midfield. Ben Tancour was influential in both offense and defense based on his vigorous activity. He also showed soft foot technique and developed an attack by carrying the ball directly depending on the situation. Although he has a physical weakness, he has become Conte’s trustworthy man with clever play. 메이저사이트

Bentancur is also leading Tottenham’s midfield this season alongside Pierre-Emile Hoivier. Bentancur scored four goals in 14 league appearances. He failed to score in the league last season, but has already scored four goals and improved his scoring ability.

Coach Conte highly evaluated Bentancur’s potential for development. According to England’s ‘Football London’ on the 12th (Korean time), Conte said, “Bentancur really has the ability to be the best. He showed a lot on the pitch from last season.”

“There is only one problem with Bentancur. He must believe in himself. I believe in Bentancur’s talent, so I push him in training. He has enough qualities. He must rise above that difficulty,” he added with advice.

Tottenham currently ranks fourth in the English Premier League (EPL) with 29 points (9 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses). Tottenham will resume the league starting with Round 17 against Brentford at 9:30 pm on the 26th at the Brentford Community Stadium.

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