[Sports Mug] “You lost to the 2nd team?”… Lee Kang-cheol exposed defensive anxiety with 3 days left in the first WBC match

The baseball team, three days before the first WBC game against Australia, lost a practice game against Orix, exposing shortstop defensive anxiety.스포츠토토 Korea, led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, lost 4-2 in a friendly against the Orix Buffaloes held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan today (6th). Third baseman Choi Jeong was not in good shape, so he launched a ‘Plan B’ with Oh Ji-hwan as shortstop and Kim Ha-seong as third baseman. He contributed points by making a series of errors at shortstop. At the post-game press conference, a Japanese reporter asked coach Lee Kang-cheol, “What do you think about Orix losing even though second-tier players came out?” Lee Kang-cheol-ho aims for a reversal of the atmosphere tomorrow (7th) in the final evaluation match against Hanshin. 

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