‘Summer vacation at the end of July and at the beginning of the eighth’ has changed, the time chosen by 4 out of 10 office workers

The number of so-called “early vacationers,” who take summer vacations early to avoid the summer vacation season in July and August, is expected to increase this year. It can be interpreted that the number of ‘smart consumers’ who want to travel more economically with less hassle is increasing.

According to the statistics on the number of Korean nationals leaving the country, compiled by the Korea Tourism Organization on the 22nd, the number of departures in June, which was considered an off-season, has increased by 12.7% annually over the past five years. This far exceeds the average annual growth rate of 8.3% over the same period. It was 3-7 percentage points higher than the increase rate in July (9.5%) and August (5.8%), which are typical peak seasons.

This trend was also shown in a survey conducted by Jeju Air through its social media ( SNS ). Of the respondents planning summer vacation this year, 42% said they plan to take a vacation in May/June or September/October, avoiding the peak season of July-August. More than 4 out of 10 respondents do not insist on ‘summer peak vacation’. In particular, 52% of respondents who responded that they would go on vacation to avoid the peak season answered that they chose this time period “because travel costs are expensive during the peak season (July-August).스포츠토토

It was also notable that many respondents said that they would spend this first holiday after the Corona 19 pandemic in ‘off-season’ and ‘near overseas’. Most (88%) of those planning an overseas trip preferred mid- to short-distance trips to Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, according to a survey. 31% of them said they were considering short- and medium-distance travel “because the cost of travel, such as air ticket prices and local prices, is low.”

The aviation industry predicts that this trend will continue, in line with China’s reopening (resumption of economic activity), increased demand for air travel, and a trend toward reasonable consumption. An official from Jeju Air said, “As the economic downturn continues, a similar trend is expected to continue this year.” “For ‘early vacationers’, ticket promotions for Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar, Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh, and Japan’s Oita routes will be held until the 31st.” said

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