‘Team high scorer-double-double’ Dankook University’s Na Sung Ho, “I’m the only one who committed the foul, I need to reflect”

At one point, they led by as many as 16 points, but their opponents were fierce. There was also anxiety as many of the main players got into foul trouble. However, Na Sung-ho, who hit a three-pointer at the end of the game, performed a confident ceremony on the court, enthusing the students at the home gym.

Dankook University’s Na Sung-ho started the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League game against Kunkuk University at Dankook University’s Cheonan Campus Gymnasium on the 26th and played 40 minutes without a substitution, finishing with 21 points스포츠토토, 10 rebounds, and three blocks, including five three-pointers, to lead his team to victory.

With the 76-71 victory over KU, Dankook remained in sole possession of fourth place with a 6-4 record. The team is in a good position to compete for the playoffs.

Na Sung-ho said, “It’s great to win a game that we prepared for so desperately. The manager and coach prepared us very well, and our players, who played the role of KU in practice, worked harder than KU, so we were able to prepare well for the game. Our height is lower than other teams, so I think it was a big help that we stayed up late at night to make sure we were organised.”

Dankook University, which played an all-out pressure defence from the beginning, showed signs of faltering in the second half, but succeeded in physically harassing their opponents until the end.

“I think we are the best in the league in terms of physical strength,” said Na Sung-ho. We didn’t have any physical burden, and our bench resources are not bad, so I think we can run the game until the end if we take turns,” said Na.

Despite their height disadvantage, Dankook dominated the rebounding battle. Despite being outrebounded by Freddie by 18 rebounds, they outrebounded KU 43-34 overall.

Na Sung-ho said, “Coach emphasised the importance of rebounding. We took care of boxing out, ran in from the outside, and actively rebounded together,” he said, analysing why the team won the rebounding battle.

Na Sung-ho was the team’s top scorer on the night. He added points at crucial moments, and his wild celebrations lifted the team’s spirits.

“I actually don’t like the heat,” he said. It was hot in the gym, so I tried to make myself more tense, and the crowd was very supportive. The gym was a little hot today, but if we were hot, they were hot, so I think we have to deal with it.”

A 16-point lead seemed to seal the victory, but KU rallied in the final quarter. Dankook lost all four of its starters except Na Sung-ho to foul trouble early in the fourth quarter, and Song Jae-hwan and Choi Kang-min picked up five fouls in the final minutes.

“I was a little embarrassed because everyone was in foul trouble except me, but this is something I have to reflect on personally. We were all defending together and I was the only one without fouls, which means I wasn’t active enough. I will watch today’s game again and reflect on where I should have fouled out, and next time I will try to distribute my players more.”

Dankook University head coach Seok Seung-ho said that with the victory, the team aims to challenge for third place in the regular season. Na Sung-ho echoed this sentiment.

“No matter which team we play, I think we will have a good result if we play the basketball we have prepared. Our teammates trust each other, so we will play well in the remaining schedules so that we can catch Chung-Ang University.”

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