Tears shed on the ground, “Dogan, I didn’t lose because of you”

“I lost because of me. I’m sorry.”

On the 22nd, the first match of the quarterfinals of the Blue Dragon High School Baseball Championship held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul ended with Gyeonggi Sanggo’s 4-3 score. Unlike the Gyeonggi Sangwon High School team, whose morale rose from the national main stage to the semifinals, the Daegu Sangwon High School team, who suffered a major defeat, had no choice but to bow their heads. Among them, Park Do-gun (junior), who started as the third hitter and center fielder, did not know how to leave the field for a while. He was in the middle of tears, saying that he lost because of himself, and coach Hwang Seok-ho continued to soothe him by his side.온라인카지노

“No. It’s not your fault. Calm down, let’s do our best again!”

While coach Hwang somehow managed to calm Park Do-gun, coach Kim Seung-gwan also called the team together. It was with a promise to admit defeat neatly and promise the next one. Even so, he said to the magazine, “Let’s meet at the presidential boat next week,” and got into the car heading to Daegu.

The space of student baseball is quite dynamic and emotional. Even though they are heartbroken by defeat, they cheer for victory, and there is laughter and crying at the same time. This is because the baseball field is the classroom for players. It is the same reason that the efforts of those who study appear differently depending on the test scores.

And there are also parents who generously applaud these sons. It’s hard to watch your son shed tears from the pain of defeat, but it’s also a parent’s job to teach them that there is a better tomorrow. That’s why I send my support without words.

It’s okay to shed tears Youth also have the right to be frustrated. It is the privilege of high school students to use this pain as a stepping stone to promise a better tomorrow. I hope young players who are not yet 20 years old can use the energy of these defeats as medicine and grow more.

This essay is dedicated to the young people who were eliminated from the Blue Dragon Championship and are preparing for the next competition.

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