“The culprit was also caught”… Investigation of a famous Korean woman who died in Cambodia is difficult, why?

It is known that they are having difficulties in identifying the cause of death of Korean female internet broadcaster ( BJ ) A in her 30s who died in Cambodia 먹튀검증.

According to local sources on the 12th, the Cambodian police are in the position that an autopsy is necessary to cover the exact cause of death of this woman, but her bereaved family is known to be against it.

In addition, the bereaved family is said to be in a position to complete the funeral process as soon as possible.

Earlier, on the 6th, the body of a Korean woman was found wrapped in red cloth and dumped in a puddle in a village in Kandal Province, near Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. The woman was known as BJ A, who was traveling in Cambodia.

Cambodian police arrested a Chinese couple in their 30s on suspicion of abandoning her body. When Mr. A, who visited their hospital on the 4th, suddenly died of a seizure while receiving treatment, she is accused of abandoning the body in her car.

The police succeeded in identifying and capturing the identity of the Chinese people by examining the fingerprints on the cloth surrounding the victim’s body.

Previously, after Mr. A entered Cambodia with her companion on the 2nd, she was reported to have died two days later from an injection in the hospital. Currently, the Cambodian police are conducting judicial proceedings against the suspect couple.

However, the results of the investigation so far have not yet been notified to the Korean National Police Agency and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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