The masseuse uses his fingers to… Japanese woman ‘lightning’ while traveling in Thailand

Thai media The Tiger reported on the 13th that a Japanese woman on a trip to Thailand revealed that she had been raped in a local massage parlor먹튀검증, but received no help from the local police.

According to the media, the woman went to a massage parlor near Khaosan with her Chinese boyfriend in February and suffered an unfortunate incident. In a separate room different from her boyfriend, this woman was served.

However, the masseuse assigned to the room inserted her fingers into her female vitals during the massage. After screaming for help, the startled woman called the police, but they didn’t come after two hours.

Upset, the woman took the masseuse to the Chana Songkham Police Station, 500 meters away, and explained what had happened to her.

Then, the police did not interrogate the masseuse in front of the woman, but took her to a separate room and told her story.

And the masseuse she returned yelled rather, “This woman is at fault.” The massage parlor owner also defended her masseuse, saying she was ‘a process of massage’ and she even demanded that she show how she was sexually assaulted.

Ultimately, the police did not follow up. In response, the Japanese woman reported the incident to the Japanese embassy in Thailand.

“She reported criminal activity to the Thai police, but it is almost impossible for her to get a reasonable response,” she said. “You have to be careful when you come here.”

When a Thai woman posted the incident of a Japanese woman on her social media, one netizen commented that she had also been victimized by a friend of hers.

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