The only hope to save Arsenal from crisis! Scottish man Ferguson admits is ‘wonderful’

Crisis is an opportunity.

Arsenal are on the verge of breaking away from the winning race at the end of the season, suffering from a rope injury. It is an opportunity for Kieran Tierney (25), a newcomer in Scotland who was pushed out of the starting lineup.

The competition to win the 2022-2023 Premier League is the second match between Manchester City and Arsenal. Arsenal are second with 81 points from 35 matches, while Manchester City are first with 82 points from 34 matches카지노사이트. With 3 and 4 games remaining respectively, 1 loss is fatal.

Arsenal suffered a hole in the back as defender William Saliba and wing-back Olensandr Zinchenko were out for the season.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported that ‘the star Sir Alex Ferguson recognized as phenomenal is giving Arsenal a lifeline in the midst of an injury crisis’.

Mirror said: ‘Arsenal suffered a massive double blow. Saliba hasn’t played since March, so it’s no surprise that Zinchenko got hurt last time against Newcastle. He was concerned that he would not be able to play in the remaining three games.

Tier is the replacement for Zinchenko. The Mirror said, ‘Now Tierney is going to take Zinchenko’s place. Tierney has been a key player since coming to Arsenal in 2019. But with Arsenal signing Zinchenko this season, Tierney’s role has diminished.”

It’s time for Tierney to prove his worth again.

The Mirror praised Tierney as a player recognized by Ferguson, saying, “Ferguson, the best coach who has shone in the Premier League, believes Tierney has the ability to show the best performance.”

According to the Mirror, Ferguson said: “I think Scotland have very good midfielders. I don’t know how Andy Robertson and Tierney will play in the same team. Tierney has been used as a third centre-back, but since moving to Arsenal, Tierney’s form has been phenomenal. It’s good,” he admired.

Tierney made 120 appearances for Arsenal. He played a decisive role in winning the FA Cup in the 2019-2020 season. However, Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta prefers Zinchenko.

“We have to accept what we can’t control. We will try to find the right solution to win the game without looking for too many excuses,” said Arteta.

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