The only rookie to participate in the camp’ Park Myeong-geun, Jung Woo-young and sidearm twin tower construction?

 Neither first-round catcher Kim Bum-seok nor second-round pitcher Kim Dong-gyu.

The only rookie from the LG Twins to join the spring camp was Sidearm Park Myeong-geun (19), who was selected in the third round. 카지노While it was judged that the two prospects nominated earlier should be nurtured with a little more time, there is a view that Park Myung-geun had high expectations that he could be seen right away on the stage of the first team. As much as that, he has great charm as a sidearm, and the evaluation that he is on par with Jung Woo-young in his rookie days in that he throws 150 km lightly seems not to be wrong.

Jeong Seong-joo, head of LG, also applauded Park Myeong-geun, who sang ‘delight’,
saying, “I was lucky

.” Jung Sung-ju, head of the LG scout team that entered the KBO League draft last year, expressed satisfaction by saying, “I was very lucky.” It was because Park Myeong-geun, who was expected to be nominated in the first round at the earliest or within the second round at the latest, remained in the LG order in the third round. Prior to the nomination for the 3rd round, he said that he had checked the name of Myeong-geun Park several times, saying, ‘Isn’t it because I didn’t look at the list well?’

Park Myung-geun, who formed the top two sidearms in high school baseball last year along with Kim Jeong-woon of Daegu High School, who was nominated in the first round by KT, is a name familiar to baseball fans as he has already appeared in the ‘Strongest Baseball’ program. Despite his short stature, he was praised for throwing a powerful ball. In particular, professional baseball OBs, including commentator Park Yong-taek, applauded the junior’s good pitch, saying, “It’s really difficult to get the timing right.”

If Park Myung-geun settles down early in the first team stage as expected, LG will be able to operate the selection and bullpen operation more flexibly. In particular, considering that the KBO League continues without interruption during the Asian Games, the utilization of Park Myung-geun is bound to be great. It will be difficult to use him as a starter right away, but he can become competitive as he gains experience in the bullpen. In some cases, he may challenge the Asian Games national team itself. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop had already recommended his high school student Myeong-geun Park as the representative selection for the Asian Games when he was the KBO technical committee chairman.

Currently, Park Myeong-geun continues to build his body in the spring camp for the 1st team. Will he be able to carry on the momentum of ‘the only rookie who participated in the camp’ until the opening match? If that happens, LG will be able to take advantage of the two sidearm bullpens leading to Jung Woo-young and Park Myung-keun.

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