‘The Return of the Octopus’ Lee Young-pyo, “I’ll be with you at the moment of the AG gold medal!”

Lee Young-pyo, a soccer commentator who has been with KBS for World Cup broadcasts since 2014, will hold the microphone again.

Commissioner Lee Young-pyo, who said he returned to convey the fun of soccer to a new generation, promised to vividly convey the emotion of the field.

Reporter Park Seon-woo met.


At the World Cup in Brazil, commentator Lee Young-pyo surprised soccer fans with his accurate predictions.

[Caster: “Another correct match.”]먹튀검증

[Lee Young-pyo/Commentator: “I will not make predictions from now on.”] [

“Now, stop predicting.”]

Lee Young-pyo, who returned as a KBS commentator after 5 years Commissioner, the steps towards the familiar broadcasting station are light.

Commissioner Lee Young-pyo, who has accumulated a lot of experience as an administrator, including CEO of Gangwon FC, promised an interesting commentary for the new generation.

[Soundbite] Lee Young-pyo/KBS Football Commentator : “The age group (soccer fans) has declined a lot, and the gender balance is gradually being balanced (with the increase in female fans). I thought I should introduce it.”]

It is our aspiration to vividly convey the impression of soccer, including the U-20 World Cup in May, the Women’s World Cup in July, and the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September.

[ Soundbite] Lee Young-pyo /KBS Football Commentator : “I hope to see Lee Kang-in come to the Asian Games, lift the trophy and make everyone happy.” We visit viewers starting with the K-League match between Seoul and Jeonbuk on the same day.

[Lee Young-pyo/KBS Soccer Commentator : “KBS will help you enjoy watching. I would appreciate it if you could enjoy soccer with Lee Young-pyo.”] This

is Park Seon-woo of KBS News.

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