“The second Oh Seung-hwan is possible” Senior’s strong recommendation, SSG 1st nomination jackpot notice?

“I really like subordination. Wouldn’t it be the second Oh Seung-hwan?” “I actually have to open the lid.”

Expectations for Lee Ro-un, a rookie pitcher who was selected as the 1st SSG Landers, soared in Vero Beach. Lee Rowun, who was born in Daegu High School and joined SSG in the first round, was proudly included in the US spring camp roster. He has already improved his condition with bullpen pitching several times, and the eyes of seniors who have confirmed his pitch are not unusual.

Kim Gwang-hyun, the team’s ‘ace’, said, 스포츠토토“I can’t evaluate this or that because the coaches are there, but I can still see Rowoon’s qualities. He seems to be a pitcher with good talent.” I actually saw the bullpen pitching and gave high praise. Noh Kyung-eun raised expectations, saying, “The ball’s subordination is good. Because the weight is good, the ball is heavy. If I do well, I think he could be the next Oh Seung-hwan.”

Foreign pitchers who did not have any prior information about Lee Rowoon also said the same thing. Annie Romero picked Kwang-Hyun Kim and Ro-Woon Lee as the two pitchers who were most impressed by the bullpen pitching. Romero praised him, saying, “I was surprised by his good ball control and control even though he is only 20 years old.” Even without asking for an evaluation of Lee Rowoon, most SSG pitchers were pitchers who mentioned his name first. Most of the rookies

Coach Won-hyeong Kim, a ‘pitcher expert’ who has a career in guiding numerous pitchers, said, “Originally, basic pitches are good enough to come to the pros. You have to open it to use it,” he said coldly, but he couldn’t hide his anticipation. Director Kim said, “Wasn’t Rowoon an ‘ace’ at school? That would be a good thing for him to start the professional stage. He should have better control than he does now, and there are things he needs to refine and improve. Still, so far It’s okay to see him throwing. Seeing him pitching in the bullpen, the ball is good. I don’t often praise him when I’m messy, but he even praised me saying, ‘I can use it in the first team.'” he laughed.

Lee Rowoon, who received a passing score in the first camp, has several more gateways to go through, including the second camp in Okinawa, which will be held mainly in actual battles, and the exhibition game. Will he be able to effectively throw a powerful ball against professional first-team hitters like he did in high school? It is an important gateway that will determine his first year at the club.

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