‘The Second Yang Yong-eun’ Go Gun-taek “I will win my first win in my hometown, Jeju”

“I prepared a lot this year. The goal is to win the first KPGA Korean Tour.”

Go Gun-taek (24, Daebo Engineering & Construction), the ‘second Yang Yong-eun’, threw a ticket for the first victory in his life. Go Gun-taek, who has been in his fourth year on the tour this year, has yet to establish a relationship with a championship. Yang Yong-eun (51) – Kang Seong-hoon (36) He is one of the few male players from Jeju who can follow the genealogy.

Go Gun-taek first picked up his golf club at the recommendation of his golf-loving parents. In 2016, when he was an amateur, he served as the national team and in 2017 as the national standing army. As much as he is, he is a player with solid fundamentals. And in 2019, he debuted on the 2020 tour with a tie for 9th place in the KPGA Korean Tour QT먹튀검증.

Ko Gun-taek said, “I prepared a lot for this season. I will show a more mature image technically and mentally,” he said. “My goal is to win the first KPGA Korean Tour. He also expressed his determination, saying, “I will make steady progress throughout the year and enter the ‘Top 10’ of Genesis points.”

In the first year of his debut, Go Gun-taek, who participated in 10 tournaments and passed 9 tournaments and maintained his seed, finished the season with a respectable record of 25th in Genesis points in the 2021 season. Of course, there were also regrets. On the last day of the Genesis Championship, where the biggest prize money was staked, he failed to keep a 3-stroke lead and finished the tournament in 3rd place.

Last year, he participated in 21 competitions, but did not win, and finished the season with 29th place in Genesis points with three ‘Top 10’ prizes, including a tie for 4th place at the KB Financial Live Championship. Although he did not instill an image of himself in the fans in his special way, it is the achievement that he continued to play.

Ko Gun-taek said, “In fact, in the first year of 2020, I tried to pass the cut in as many competitions as possible. For the 2nd and 3rd years, 2021-2022, the goal was to enter the top ranks. I am happy that I did well,” he said. “I think I have finished adapting to the tour. This year, I will definitely hold the championship cup in my arms.”

To achieve his goal, Go Gun-taek had winter training last winter in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA for two months. During the winter camp training, he trained with an emphasis on the accuracy of his shot.

Ko Gun-taek said, “I have been sticking to the draw pitch so far, but starting this year, I have a new fade pitch.” In addition, I focused on image training such as mental strengthening training,” he explained, explaining that there were results in winter training.

He expressed his desire to win his first championship in his hometown, Jeju. Ko Gun-taek said, “I want to win in Jeju and become ‘the pride of the people of the island.’ Looking at the tour schedule announced so far, two tournaments will be held in Jeju. I will definitely win the first win in this competition.

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