Toner Cartridges Versus Inkjet Cartridges – Which is Better and Which one Should i Buy?

So, you have decided to do some research 안전놀이터 for your intended purchase, a new printer, but which one to buy–Inkjet or laser toner cartridge? The good news for you is that due to the power of the Internet, both printer toner cartridges and inkjet supplies have got really competitively priced and there are hundreds or even thousands of places to buy. So what do i buy?

What is your budget for the new printer? Inkjet printers are generally cheaper and it is normally true for inkjet and laser printers that the more you pay for the device, the cheaper the cartridges. To give you some idea of the difference in running costs it can be from over a £1 per page for high ink or toner coverage to less than 1p for low coverage in mono (black and white) pages. Traditionally, this is where the laser printers with their toner cartridges scored in terms of cost per page – much cheaper running costs.

To offer some sort of guidelines on how much to spend though, for business use, I would not recommend paying less than £200. Less than this, you are definitely in the realms of the home use device, which can be slow and very expensive to run. One last thought on running costs, do you know how much your companies printing costs are? Probably not, often the purchase of the device and buying cartridges are done by different people with different budgets! Try and keep it accounted for under one umbrella or at least so you can easily run a cost report. You may be in for a shock!

What is the printer going to be used for? For general office printing, letters, invoices etc. a laser printer running toner cartridges is a better bet. If your usage includes this general office printing plus perhaps brochures, mailshots or product specifications then generally the toner cartridge device will still be the one to go for. However, you should be looking at spending £400 or more to ensure that running costs are not prohibitive. One often overlooked feature is can the device print edge to edge? – this will then give the impression of professionally lithoprinted sheets. NO laser printer will allow this – despite what many salesmen will tell you! So if this is your priority then inkjet cartridge printer is the way to go.

A work-around to this, if inkjet printing is too expensive, is to trim the edges with a guillotine, or better still, use ‘oversize’ paper and then cut it back down to A4. If high quality photos or graphics are your requirements then either a quality inkjet cartridge device like the HP Photosmart or alternatively, a graphics quality laser printer like the Xerox Phaser. On the subject of print quality, this is such a personal thing, I have seen both extremes – very good and very poor-and would really recommend getting print samples, preferably with pages of your own work, before buying-certainly if you need high quality! Be careful if you are buying from an office supplies or computer ‘superstore’, they sometimes have sole distribution for a certain model making it very hard to buy the toner or inks from anywhere else!

Finally, with regard to the ‘Green’ issue, inket are much more friendly than laser printers, as they do not have all the bulky cartridges. However, the most planet friendly machine has to be the Xerox Phaser 8560, this uses a ‘solid ink’ process and produces hardly any waste at all.

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