Top batting line of ‘30% hit’ + bottom batting order of ‘home run funk’, all-time LG batting line explodes

The baseball that LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop expects is hot offensive baseball. Baseball in which hitters score a lot, baseball in which 7 points are allowed and 8 points are scored to win, so fans say that it is exciting.

The offensive baseball that coach Yeom draws is gradually coming into line with the frame. Manager Yeom, who made a story out of a base stealing controversy by putting forward ‘running baseball’ at the beginning of the season, is gaining strength토토사이트 as Lee Jae-won, who can play ‘puff baseball’, returned from injury in May.

In the upper batting order, there are lined up hitters who hit .300 hits, and in the lower batting order, there is a giant cannon that can hit a home run at the decisive moment.

Lee Jae-won hit a home run against KT on the 16th. The rain was huge. The first home run in the 4th inning had a batting speed of 177.8 km and a distance of 136 m. The second home run in the 7th inning had an exit velocity of 174.8 km and a flight distance of 121 m.

In the game against KT on the 17th, Lee Jae-won attacked Schulser’s 140km cutter in the 4th inning, behind 1-2, and hit a sweeping come-from-behind double that went beyond the height of the center fielder. His exit velocity was 181.8 km, which was the highest record in the KBO League this season.

Lee Jae-won, who was registered for the first team only on the 6th after suffering an oblique muscle injury twice during the spring camp and exhibition game, is showing off his long hitting power in the 8th batting order. From April, coach Yeom expected, “If Lee Jae-won returns, Park Dong-won and the two of them will be able to play baseball in the lower batting order,” and after returning, he is quickly meeting Yeom’s expectations.

Park Dong-won also hit his 10th home run of the season against KT on the 16th. 1st in home runs alone. He is hitting a lot more long hits than expected at the beginning of the season.

Park Dong-won picked two walks against KT on the 17th, and created a chance with a double on the left line from 1 company and 1 base in the 5th inning. KT realized the power of LG’s lower batting order to the extent that it sent Lee Jae-won with an automatic intentional 4th pitch from 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base.

With Lee Jae-won joining, LG can operate the lineup while taking a break for a large number of outfielders who are in poor condition, or by taking turns taking turns resting each player to adjust their condition.

Currently, the basic batting order can be made with Hong Chang-ki, Moon Seong-joo (Park Hae-min), Kim Hyun-soo, Austin Oh Ji-hwan, Moon Bo-kyung, Park Dong-won, Lee Jae-won, and Kim Min-seong (Seo Geon-chang). 1~6 hitters lined up with 300 hitters, and fearsome 7~8 home run hitters are in the bottom order. 

Hong Chang-gi has a batting average of .3012 (9th) and an on-base percentage of .442. Moon Sung-joo has a batting average of .326 (seventh) and an on-base percentage of .418. Hong Chang-ki ranks first in on-base percentage, and Moon Seong-joo ranks third in on-base percentage.

Kim Hyun-soo broke the no-hit chain in 34 at-bats in a row against KT on the 17th and hit multiple hits to get out of the slump. He has a batting average of 3.5 and an OPS of .778. Austin, a foreign hitter, plays as the number 4 hitter and is active with a batting average of .336 (3rd) and an OPS of .849. The end of the cruelty of LG foreign batters is in sight.

Oh Ji-hwan, who has been sidelined for about two weeks due to a side injury, has a batting average of 2.802 and is short of .30, but his OPS is .810. Moon Bo-kyung has a batting average of 301 1 li (11th) and an OPS of .817. Park Hae-min hit 3 hits against KT on the 17th, raising his batting average to 2.87.

LG ranked first in team batting average (.291), first in slugging percentage (.406), first in on-base percentage (.379), first in OPS (.785), first in stolen bases (46), and first in walks (172). all. Home runs are 4th with 23. If Kim Hyeon-soo (1) and Oh Ji-hwan (0), who hit more than 20 home runs last year, hit home runs, the gap with SSG (32), who hit the home run first, can be narrowed.

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