Trudeau laughed at ‘Manner Bridge’… Canada’s “national disgrace”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited Korea and took a picture with his legs wide apart to match his height with National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo메이저사이트, drawing attention from the local media and public opinion. There are opinions that Prime Minister Trudeau’s unique wit shined, but some criticized him for being rude.

On the 17th, Prime Minister Trudeau met with Chairman Kim and the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties before giving a speech at the main assembly hall of the National Assembly in Yeouido, Seoul, commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau and Chairman Kim took a commemorative photo after the meeting.

During this process, Chairman Kim slightly lifted his toe to liven up the atmosphere in order to match the height difference with the tall Prime Minister Trudeau. At this time, Prime Minister Trudeau lowered his height by spreading his legs. Prime Minister Trudeau’s height is known to be 188 cm. Lawmakers present at the scene burst into laughter.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s photo shoot posture, in which he spreads his legs and lowers his height, is called ‘manner legs’ on domestic social media . Foreign media also paid attention to this point. The Toronto Star, a Canadian daily, described ‘Manner Bridge’ as a Korean culture and explained, “This posture, popular among Korean celebrities, is a sign of respect.” However , among SNS

users who speak English and French, such as Canada, it was pointed out that “playing a prank in front of the parliamentary speaker of another country seems strange” and “rude behavior of teasing the other person”.

The British daily Guardian said, “Chairman Kim lifted his toes as if playing a joke over the 20 cm height difference with Prime Minister Trudeau. Prime Minister Trudeau lowered him to match his height. Several Korean media introduced it as ‘consideration’, but in Canada there is criticism that it is ‘disgraceful to the country’.”

Prime Minister Trudeau is famous for his free-spirited attitude and thinking, taking pictures in funny poses while communicating with the public. He has tattoos on his body, and he also had a history of appearing in films before taking office as prime minister.

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