UCL winning coach Benitez “Even if there is a proposal from Korea…I like Europe and England”

 Veteran coach Rafael Benitez (63), who won the Champions League (UCL) of the European Football Federation (UEFA), said that he wanted to continue his coaching career in Europe, although there was an offer in Korea.

According to a podcast released by Sky Sports in the UK on the 19th, former coach Benitez appeared on this broadcast panel and answered a question about his future, “Everything in England, including the Premier League (EPL) and family, is satisfactory and happy.”슬롯사이트

“Sometimes I make risky decisions, but it is true that the EPL is the best league in the world. I want to continue to be near Europe,” he said. “There are offers from China, Korea, and Mexico.”

Former manager Benitez is living as a barbarian after being sacked last year at Everton (England).

In this interview, he did not further elaborate on whether the Football Association had made a specific offer for the position as national team manager.

All three countries he mentioned recently sought a leader to coach their national teams.

Among them, while Mexico appointed coach Diego Co on the 11th, the Korea Football Association is still looking for a leader to succeed former coach Paulo Bento

According to Chinese media Pengpai, since the beginning of this month, China has also been considering a foreign leader as the successor to coach Li Xiaopeng.

Former coach Benítez, who repeatedly emphasized that he wants to continue playing European football, said that the existence of a long-term ‘project’ is also a consideration.

“I’ve said it many times (as a condition of being a new manager), but I need projects. I’ve been lucky enough to have taken on several teams and won some trophies,” he said. “Now I can say whether I like a particular project or not.” did.

“These days, projects are three weeks long. Not three years, three weeks,” he said.

He led Liverpool from 2004 to 2010 and led them to victory in the UCL in the 2004-2005 season and the FA Cup in the 2005-2006 season.

Even after that, he served as a command tower for big European clubs such as Inter Milan (Italy), Chelsea (England, acting manager), and Real Madrid (Spain).

Since July 2019, he has led Chinese professional football Dalian Yifang, but resigned in January 2021 due to concerns about the health of his family due to the prolonged novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) pandemic.

In July of that year, he returned to Europe, taking the Everton baton, but was sacked in six months.

According to the sports media The Athletic, at the time of the contract with Everton, he was known to have been promised an annual salary of around £7 million (approximately 10.9 billion won).

Finance Football, a media specializing in the football industry, estimated the annual salary of former coach Bento at about 1.8 billion won in November of last year.

The Football Association, headed by Chairman Michael Müller, set up a National Team Power Reinforcement Committee to find a new head coach candidate, and said, “Considering the specificity of the negotiations, the entire process will be conducted in private.”

Currently, names such as Jose Bordalas (59), former Valencia (Spain) coach, Torsten Fink (56), former Hamburg (Germany) coach, and Bihadi Halilhodzic (71), former Morocco coach, have been mentioned in domestic and foreign media.

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