University freshman joining status] Seok Seung-ho, head coach of Dankook University, “I was selected based on the prospect”

Seok Seung-ho, head coach of Dankook University, selected freshmen with a bright future.

Dankook University recorded 9 wins and 5 losses in the last college basketball U-League. The reason this score is meaningful is because of the injuries of the players and the promotion of the lower grades. In the MBC Cup, they met and lost to the ‘strongest’ Korea University in the semifinals. In the semifinals of the playoffs, he met Korea University and fought hard until the end, but could not overcome Korea University. Dankook University caught both rabbits, grades and growth, last season. 메이저놀이터

Although Cho Jae-woo and Yeom Yoo-seong entered the professional league and left the team, the gap between the two players is not large. The reason is that both players had a game where they could not play due to injuries last season. In response, Seok Seung-ho, coach of Dankook University, said, “(Cho) Jae-woo and (Yeom) Yoo-seong went to the pros, but the gap is not large. Other players are used to basketball without two players. And there are enough players to fill the seats of the two players.”

Dankook University’s lower grades have grown and now become the main pillar. As such, I chose freshmen with more focus on the future rather than an immediate sense of power. Coach Seok said, “This year, I chose players based on their prospects rather than good players. We picked players who seemed like a good fit for our team. It’s not a sense of power right away, but I think it will help the team after it passes,” he explained the criteria for freshmen.

He continued, “I have high expectations for Ki-ryun Ki (scheduled to graduate from Naksaeng High School) and Min-cheol Gil (scheduled to graduate from Daejeon High School). The device has good elasticity and good size. It’s technically lacking, but I’m going to raise it and use it next year. Gil Min-cheol will start running a lot from this year. He just came out of high school and is not good at dirty work. But he is a learning process. However, he has to adapt quickly to the team.”

In addition, “Kim Tae-young (to graduate from Cheongju Shinheung High School), Park Soon-woo (to graduate from Gunsan High School), and Lee Eun-woo (to graduate from Hongik Univ. High School) are all guards. All three 1v1 abilities are fine. But there are a lot of deficiencies in defense. It will take time to adapt to the team. The same goes for Eun Joo-yeong (Jeonju High School). But I won’t be in a hurry. Because these players are going to be raised for the future, not now.” 스포츠토토

Continuing, “Students are still in good physical condition, but freshmen took a long break after the National Sports Festival. I trained individually, but it wasn’t team training, so I felt like I wasn’t feeling well. That’s why we are intensively training basic training and defense,” he said about the training of freshmen.