Unlucky striker from Manchester United found a new nest

▲ Giuseppe Rossi from Manchester United joins Serie B Spal
▲ Italian talent caught up in injury, 안전놀이터 short-term contract with SPAL until this

season Signs a short-term contract with Gaspal.

On the 18th (Korean time), SPAL announced the news of the contract with Rossi through an official statement from the club. His contract is until the 2022/23 season. Rossi, whose contract with Spal was terminated at the end of the 2021/22 season, is expected to join Spal once again and continue his active career.

Rossi is the sore finger of Italian football. Although he was short, he was a player who stood out with flashing movements. Italian football was able to use its power on the global stage because of the brilliant defense and the presence of small giants in the front. Even though they were not tall, they led the attack with players who showed creative movement. Baggio, Del Piero, and short Cassano were all of this type.

Rossi is not the ‘fantasy star’ type of the three players mentioned above. Although it lacked splendor, it was stable instead. His composure in front of the goal as well as his ball keeping skills were excellent. For this reason, Rossi was early considered as the future of the Azuri Corps. He made his way through the Italian age-group, making his A-match debut in 2008 and making 30 appearances.

Although the style and position are different, Rossi, who was considered the successor to Baggio, Del Piero and Cassano, is called the ‘unfortunate striker’. Injuries were a problem. His talent was great, but his durability was poor. Two cruciate ligament injuries prevented his talent from blooming.

His pity turned to regret, and his expectations turned to disappointment. That’s how Rossi became an Italian ‘unlucky icon’ in the early 2010s.

His frequent injuries took a toll on his career. I became a Journeyman, and I was reluctant to sign contracts with clubs and Rossi because of my poor physical condition.

His start wasn’t bad. The New Jersey native Rossi moved from Parma’s youth team to Manchester United’s youth team and made his debut for the sport. He showed his potential on loan to Newcastle, then returned to Manchester United via Parma. However, there was no place in Man United at the time. His option was Villarreal. After moving to La Liga, Rossi started to explode his potential. However, his career was disrupted by an injury.

Just before the 2013/14 season, he returned to Serie A with a move to Fiorentina. He expected a ‘big and small’ combination with Mario Gomes, but Gomes is one of Fiorentina’s scammers, and Rossi was also unable to perform at his best here due to injury.

After spending time with Celta Vigo, Genoa and Salt Lake, Rossi signed a short-term deal with Spal in November 2021. In 2019, when he was invincible, he focused on building his body by training with his own team at the call of Solskjaer, a colleague during his time at Manchester United. Even in MLS, Rossi was brilliant. After the aforementioned Spal transfer, he signed a short-term contract, but his contract expired after the season.

Once again, Rossi wore the Spall uniform as a free agent. He used to be a promising player, but now he is a veteran. He is 36 years old, so he could be his last professional club.

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