Voodoo or Wicca? Voodoo Doll Spells: A positive and Negative View

Many people think that all pagan religions are the same. But there are many different pagan religions. I am going to discuss two of them, Voodoo and Wicca. We will start with the religion of each. Wicca includes the worship of the 안전놀이터

With actual  Wicca, members must follow the Wiccan Rede. It is a list of rules that all Wiccans must follow. In this is contained one of the major rules which is to harm none. There is no black or even grey magic included in Wicca. They also teach that it is wrong to try to control ones free will. Wicca is one of the most loving and peaceful religions that i have ever come across. They do not impose their beliefs on others nor spurn those who think differently.

Now Voodoo is a completely different subject. In the Voodoo religion, members “serve the Loas”. This is not so much a worship as it is a paying tribute for favors done. The Loas are the spirits of Voodoo. There are literally hundreds of them. Normally a member will choose one or just a few Loas to serve. The members will give offerings either on their own altars or will give offerings at a temple or hounfor. Voodoo does not follow the same rules as the Wiccans.

Wicca is more of an Earth religion. It celebrates the changing of the seasons as well as moon phases. Voodoo celebrates special days that honor particular Loas. There are some people who claim to be Wiccan but they do not follow any of the Wiccan beliefs. In the same manner, there are people who claim to perform Voodoo magic, but they do not follow the Voodoo religion and therefore cannot possibly be performing Voodoo magic.

Some people claim that there are similarities in the Catholic religion and Voodoo. They claim that the saints and the Loas are actually the same. This is not true. The truth is that in order to try not to be persecuted, the members of the Voodoo community tried to disguise their religious beliefs as those of Catholic religion. Voodoo practitioners even today in some countries are jailed and even killed. Members of the Wiccan religion as well have suffered at the hands of religious radicals who would try to destroy anyone with different religious beliefs from their own.

Few in our generation today know the fascinating and dramatic art of voodoo doll spells. From coast to coast it single-handedly challenged and triumphed over the great apostasy and lethargy, demonstrating soundly the power of its conscious connection to a subject target to cause physical harm, bad luck and stir up emotions of love and attraction. Against hypocritical, opposing clergy, fierce, slanderous and relentless unbelievers of such practice, voodoo spells wore its calling as a crown to protect or destroy any enemy.

For many people, there are many spells to use depending on the motive. First of all, we have to be certain and be aware of our intentions, whether to cause harm to others or cause good to ourselves. Voodoo doll spells when cast, either you believe it or not is a form of stupendous action to give resolutions to your struggles. I, for one, believe that there are a number of things that the common people can benefit from voodoo spells. However, it is also my opinion that many other things should be prepared before doing such.

Although, I share the same optimism about voodoo spells, I also realize that the negative harm it may inflict others comes face to face with a very daunting challenges. There is, for instance, the imminent danger that voodoo spells poses. You may need a black candle, a pin, a picture of your target; a hair strand or anything that he/she possesses that has direct contact with the individual, a cup of salt and a dark room with an altar. Most people are aware that several voodoo spells involve acquisition of a practice doll that will represent your target subject, but this time those mentioned earlier are enough to inflict harm. First, you write the name of your subject target on the black candle by using the pin. Make sure that the full name is engraved. Second, with the pin, prick your left index finger and allow your own blood flow on the engraved name. Third, you place the picture at the left side of the black candle; make sure to light the candle and allow it to stand alone.

Afterwards, you take the hair strand or anything from your target and whisper a short prayer or wish that you want to happen with that person, then with your pin, prick your right index finger and put your blood flow on it, about 6 drops should be offered. Place those acquired things on the altar where the candle stands alone. Wish and pray for things you wanted to happen with your target. While chanting your prayers, you spread the cup of salt around the altar with the following spells: repeat the spell six times and kneel six times while chanting those spells. Lastly, a six drop of blood from your left thumb on the black candle will close the ritual. Mention the full name of your target six times and close the ritual with your wish. This voodoo spell had been effectively used by an ancient ancestor from a small province of Visayas in the Philippines. It was believed to cause someone an incurable disease that will make a person suffer until he dies. It is best done at 3. 00pm and 3. 00am every Friday for 6 consecutive weeks.

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