Wasn’t it Pochettino? Chelsea have a ‘surprise candidate’ for their new manager… “Mystery Solved”

 A new name has appeared once again as a candidate for Chelsea manager. This time it is a Scottish leader. 

The British media Evening Standard reported on the 23rd (Korean time), “Chelsea has been looking for Celtic coach Ange Postecoglu as a candidate for a new manager.” 

Chelsea are looking for a candidate먹튀검증 for their next manager after sacking manager Graham Porter on the 3rd. Currently, the team is led by interim coach Frank Lampard, but there is no possibility of him taking over as official manager due to poor performance. 

While Julian Nagelsmann, Luis Enrique, Mauricio Pochettino, and Vincent Kompani have been revealed through the media as potential candidates for Chelsea, news has recently been reported that Pochettino and Kompani are the most likely candidates. 

In the midst of this, Postecoglu, who has been leading Celtic since last season and showing outstanding performances on the Scottish stage, was also included as a surprise candidate. 

The Evening Standard noted that “Postecoglu has emerged as a surprise candidate for the managerial job at Chelsea. Chelsea have reduced their shortlist to four this week after reducing interest in Luis Enrique.”

“Chelsea’s candidates consisted of Nagelsmann, Pochettino and Kompani, and the other one was a mystery. After Nagelsman gave up his Chelsea move, reports said that Postecoglu was included as a potential Chelsea manager. I found out that there is,” he said. 

Posteco Gluh took over as Celtic manager last season and had a successful season, winning the Scottish Premiership (SPL) and the Scottish League Cup in his first season. The league title is likely to win this season as well, and the Scottish Cup is also in the semifinals. 

However, it seems that Chelsea do not consider Postecoglu their number one priority. 

The British media Telegraph said, “Pochettino has emerged as a strong candidate to take over Chelsea after Nagelsmann was eliminated from the nomination. Pochettino had positive talks with Chelsea and is considered a strong candidate to lead the team.” The possibility of Tino’s appointment was greatly predicted. 

As Chelsea’s manager selection process continues until the end of this season, attention is focused on which manager to choose from among several candidates such as Pochettino and Postecoglu. 

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