What is the secret of the average driving distance of 312m for Jung Chan-min, the ‘strongest hitter’?

Jung Chan-min, who won his first championship in Korean professional golf, is on the rise with his long hitting power.

The average driving distance of a driver is 312m. Reporter Seok Min-hyuk focused today on the secret of long hits.

Jung Chan-min swings vigorously. 

“Good shot”

The ball goes straight with the exciting hitting sound.

This year, Jeong Chan-min’s average driving distance was 312 meters. He topped the KPGA in distance last year with an average of 289m, but this year the distance has increased even more.

His personal best is 372 metres. Considering that the record of Rory McIlroy, who ranked first in the PGA average driving distance this season, is 300 meters, it is worth realizing the power of Jung Chan-min.

The power emanating from a giant with a height of 188 cm and a weight of 110 kg. In addition, the swing technique based on flexibility is the secret to long hits.

The secret is twofold.

As you swing back, flex your arms to make the arc of your swing as large as possible.

The second is the so-called lagging motion that maintains the angle of the wrist.

As you complete your backswing, rotate your left pelvis to create the maximum centrifugal force, the so-called lagging motion, smoothly and effectively. 

Jeong Chan-min’s club speed is over 200 km/h, and the ball hit like this has an explosive power of over 300 km/h스포츠토토.

Lim Seong-jae
“I’ve been hitting since middle school, and even then, the distance is so far, so this player is really different, enough to go on the PGA Tour.

” supplemented.

During the 20 cm before and 10 cm after the point of impact, the driver’s head went as straight as possible to make the ball start in a straight line.

This effect prevents the ball from winding to the left by reducing the use of the left wrist as much as possible.

By showing off an elaborate short game here, second-year pro Chan-Min Jeong even won his first KPGA Tour victory last week.

Jung Chan-min earned the nickname ‘Jung-ram’ because his stocky physique and beard look just like world number one Yon-Rahm.

If you’ve matured with natural strength and precision, the day you’ll face off against the real Yon Rahm will not be far away.

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